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Many economists attribute the overall sluggish increase in the employment rate in part to the federal sequestration implemented at the start of 2012, where significant across-the-board cuts in spending have affected many state economies. Coupled with employment growth, average annual wages and salaries provide a more complete picture of Virginia's economic health.
Regionally, the Northern region's average wage of $67,976 once again led the state in 2013.
The three most important factors influencing employment growth are national business cycles (expansions and contractions in the economy), the mix of industries, and the relative attractiveness (competitive advantages) of the region. Although underlying business cycles may be similar across the nation, it is the mix of industries that most affects the magnitude of the variation in any state or region's employment growth.

The state's primary role in employment growth is to provide the infrastructure -- education and training, workforce development, transportation, and other public goods, such as research and development -- that reduces the transaction costs associated with economic activity and spurs growth. The Virginia State Police Academy is located at the State Police Headquarters complex at 7700 Midlothian Turnpike, North Chesterfield, Virginia. But its rate of growth is also an outlier, as no other state has come close to matching North Dakota's year-over-year jumps in job growth in recent years. In 2013, wages and salaries (adjusted for inflation) continued to decline slightly in many states.
For example, through most of the last 10 years, employment growth in Virginia and the nation has been significantly influenced by a continued shift from goods-producing jobs to service-oriented ones, especially in healthcare, social assistance, and business services.

For example, Virginia has developed two assessment tools -- the Workforce System Report Card and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Report Card -- that are designed to monitor the state's performance in each area. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Report Card delineates goals for boosting innovation and economic growth via increased support for R&D, new capital, and new technologies, as well as improving the state's talent pipeline and high-tech infrastructure.
In collaboration with communities across the state, VEDP promotes business recruitment and relocation and the growth in exports of Virginia products and services.

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