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More job openings were found in accounting, finance, agriculture and some scientific fields. The Air Force had 134,302 job openings in August, while the Army National Guard had nearly 20,000 listings, making them Nos.
SimplyHired's report also ranked metropolitan areas where competition for jobs remains the greatest.

Retail-industry jobs saw a gain of nearly 13 percent, indicating retailers are already gearing up for the holiday sales season.
Orlando, Fla., New York and Detroit, each had five unemployed people for each job opening, placing them seventh through fifth, respectively.
The people in the military get their money friom the gov, then they go to eat at Taco Bell, that is why they both lead in jobs!

Taking away jobs that pay 16 20 dollars an hour and creating a few at 7 or 8 isnt going to cut it..

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