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Average Clinical Social Worker salaries for job postings in Orange County, CA are 6% lower than average Clinical Social Worker salaries for job postings nationwide.
Overall, county payrolls grew by 3.7 percent since March 2014, adding 55,200 jobs, the most in a single year since 2001. Student nurse Tane Wise, left, vaccinates 17-year-old Karla Ramirez at Children's Hospital of Orange County clinic in Orange last November. Orange County finally has regained all the jobs it lost during the recession as payrolls expanded at a faster rate than at any time in the past 14 years.Nearly all sectors added workers year over year, led by construction, health care and business services.
Interestingly, according to Sabia and Burkhauser, even if you do factor in fairly high job losses, both the poor and middle class would likely come out ahead on total pay, thanks to all the workers who would get raises. If no minimum wage workers are laid off or have their hours reduced, the minimum wage increase is simulated to yield $4.0 billion in monthly benefits.
The EITC is a refundable tax credit Washington makes available to low-income workers, meaning that if it’s larger than the amount they owe to the IRS, they get the difference back in cash.
Conservatives like the EITC because, first and foremost, it encourages people to work (you can’t get it unless you're employed). But, if your goal is suring up the broader working class, they might seem like a rather good deal.

If raising the minimum wages caused a lot of inflation in the economy, it might cancel out the benefit to workers. After all, there are millions of workers making $8 or $9 an hour assembling burgers or changing sheets who might be affected by a hike. Nearly 62% of the benefits will be received by workers in households with incomes over twice the poverty line, and 40.7% will be received by workers in households with incomes over three times the poverty line. As a result, we end up subsidizing companies like McDonald’s or Walmart that have a large, poorly paid work force.
Conservative groups often argue that, contrary to the image projected by of liberals, most of the minimum wage workforce isn't really made up of desperate parents struggling to make ends meet.
Almost a third of minimum-wage workers are teenagers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The stock market has surged as the Federal Reserve boosted asset prices by buying bonds and keeping interest rates at zero.In Orange County, the number of construction jobs remains below peaks during the bubble years of 2005 and 2006, when easy lending fueled an explosive housing market. In 2000, the Employment Policies Institute, a conservative organization that exists largely to fight against minimum wage hikes, published a paper showing that between 1977 and 1998, two thirds of minimum wage workers earned a raise within one year of starting their job.
According to the Econ 101 model of the world, increasing the minimum wage should cost some people their jobs.

And when workers leave, say for the Taco Bell across the freeway, they often take jobs that would otherwise be filled by the unemployed, which is less than ideal for the economy.When the minimum wage goes up, the theory says, businesses shape up.
Turnover slows down, since people are happier with their paychecks, and the unemployed snap up jobs elsewhere in town. They have consistently found that requiring businesses to pay their workers more reduces employment among teens. Dube is best co-authored study that used contemporary data to essentially repeat Card and Krueger’s natural experiment in thousands of counties across the the country. It found no significant evidence that higher minimum wages hurt employment among restaurant workers.

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