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Job search advice, interview tips, resume best practices and more, we have the information you need in order to be successful at work! Even though I have countless hobbies and interests, I would like to get back into the buzz and excitement of the working world.
Since you enjoyed your previous work so much, call up your former boss to see about working part-time. If you just want to stay active and in touch with other people, look for low-stress work with light responsibility. Expect the recruiter to be curious about why the last job ended and whether your recent experience is relevant to the job to which you have applied.
I would start by learning as much as possible about the field of project management, meet as many people as possible working in your dream job, build your professional network, and start applying for these jobs. Identify those companies, job postings, organizations, associations, groups, and people in your target field on social media and the internet.

Even when you find employment, you will need to continue building your professional network at your workplace, and in your industry. Social Media and the WorkforceIn an increasingly digital world, many of us have decided to join the social media bandwagon and have created profiles on networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
These jobs vary, but might include general labour or office jobs, including bookkeeping, customer service and data processing positions. These jobs tend to pay very little and might include teaching, tutoring, or working at daycare centres.
The information can help you to prepare your resume, interview presentation, and determine the skills that employers are looking for, as well as help you understand the workplace culture and hiring practices. I’m using social media, volunteering in my field, active in the associations, as well as attending as many professional events as possible. I love my work and team, but this manager is making our lives miserable and we are losing faith in this leader and organization.

This will allow you to renew contact with old co-workers and continue a job that you always enjoyed – but now according to your schedule.
Research the person online and if relevant, follow the companies, join the groups and influencers that they follow on social media. Consultants can leverage their years of expertise, training and connections, and set their hours to avoid a full-time workload.
Taking on short-term or part-time jobs can expand your network of professional contacts, which may help you find work in the future.

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