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For this ranking, we used information from College Navigator to help us determine the most affordable, selective schools for a BSW (Bachelor of Social Work). Students at Frostburg State enjoy all of the traditional social work course options, as well as a few atypical options. As far as selective social work degrees go, the University of Georgia has one of the best programs around.
Evidence, ethics, and values form the basis of this affordable social work degree at Delaware State University.
A degree in social work from Albany State University in Georgia gets students out of the classroom and actively making a difference in their city and in their state. Brescia University is one of the rare schools that offer social work students the option to complete their BSW online.
The Social Work department at North Carolina State University-Raleigh puts students in close contact with faculty—not only in the classroom, but also through research and service opportunities. Western Carolina University offers students a selective social work degree at a reasonable price, but you will have to work for it if you’re serious about social work. Get one of the top social work degrees to be found anywhere in a student-centric, welcoming atmosphere at the University of West Florida. In conjunction with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, the Public Child Welfare Certification Program seeks to support children and families across the state by elevating the role of child welfare workers. Tarleton, part of the Texas A&M system, has designed its social work major specifically with the military, Hispanic, and the rural demographics of north and central Texas in mind. The Social Work program at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University has a storied past dating back over half a century to the 1950s. Alabama State University is an HBCU in Montgomery, a mid-size city of around 200,000 and also the state capital. Perhaps best known for its association with the city’s favorite son, Abraham Lincoln, you may also want to remember the city of Springfield for another reason: The selective social work degree offered at the University of Illinois at Springfield.
When the program got its start back in 1972, Mississippi Valley State University’s Social Work major was first known as the Family and Community Service program. The Social Work program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is in a unique position, training students to work with clients in a by-and-large poor, rural state in the midst of a prosperous, growing city. The University of Washington in Seattle’s selective social work degree is in a class of its own. Prairie View A&M University’s social work faculty has been published in a wide array of publications. Winston Salem State University is one of the latest universities in the country to add an accredited social work degree to its school. Remarkably, social work education at Indiana University East dates back more than 100 years—something practically unheard of even among top social work degrees. Studying at West Virginia State University means that students have one foot in the city—nearby Charleston—and one foot in the country. Rather than requiring students in their program to complete placements in the typical one- or two-semester timeframe typical of most accredited social work degrees, Northwestern Oklahoma State University spreads out the experience over three semesters. California State University Fresno is home to one of the top social work degrees in the country.
Elizabeth City State University, on the mouth of the Pasquotank River, has as much of a tourist-town feel as it does a college-town vibe.
The main functions for people interested in Community and Social Services are to provide counsel, support and assistance to members of the community in regards to their physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs. The three most popular industries for women in Oklahoma City are health care, educational services, and accommodation and food services. The percentage of Oklahoma City residents that are affiliated with a religious congregation, 65.7%, is more than both the national and state average. Oklahoma City is home to the Colonial Square and the 50 Penn Place as well as Rotary Park and River Park. Social and Community Services workers give people access to the services that they need when faced with real problems in the world. Students learn about poverty, economic and social injustice, and human rights, while simultaneously considering many different issues from a global perspective. For example, you could study The Sociology of African Americans, Statistics for Social Science, Sociology of Later Life, and Child Welfare, among other topics.
And although the program is offered online, we’re still talking about a selective social work degree. These unique opportunities give students a chance to bulk up their resume with some of the finest social work professionals in the country while reflecting on future career and education plans. Professors in FIU’s Social Work department are actively involved in the surrounding region through a variety of different projects, including the Latino HIV Behavioral Science Center, South East Florida Center on Aging, Community Based Intervention Research Group, and more. UA students have numerous ways to get plugged in with interesting agencies and organizations, not only through field placements but also by joining student organizations such as the Social Work Action Group (SWAG). The social work program at the University of West Florida offers concentrations in aging studies, child welfare, social welfare, and substance abuse.

In the instance of the Social Work department at the University of Texas at Arlington, it holds true.
If you’re interested in making a career as a child welfare worker, your cheap social work degree just got cheaper.
Consequent of its affiliation with the Church of Latter Day Saints, the school’s social work program is couched within the framework of the church’s worldwide mission. Program graduates remark that UIS did an excellent job in prepping them for continued studies in graduate programs and the school is also notable for a high portion of its graduates who find employment in social work. San Diego State University’s study abroad is an exciting opportunity for students to spend a semester in Thailand, studying social work at Thammasat University in Bangkok. Today, students and faculty members collaborate to organize a yearly social work conference at MVSU, professional training workshops, and a social work lobby day at the state capitol.
Beyond offering an affordable social work degree, UA caters to student’s schedules by providing night classes and also some first-year social work classes online. In addition to recruiting students to pursue this highly affordable social work degree, this also includes related fields such as psychology and nursing. Social work courses have been taught for more than half of the school’s 100-year history, dating back to the 1950s.
NKU’s campus is a vibrant place, and much of that is thanks to the school’s Social Work program. These include the Journal of Intergroup Relations, Journal of Social Work in Disability & Rehabilitation, and Journal of Applied Counseling.
Yet, somehow, the school president still finds a way to meet with social work student to hear the results from the annual lobby day in Sacramento.
Today’s faculty is pushing forward with research in rural social work, chemical dependence recovery, improving social services in rural communities, and the overlap of social work and law.
That being said, the primary focus of WVSU’s social work program is on the latter—that is, the state’s largely rural population.
As a student in this selective social work degree program, you will participate in a community that gives back more than 80,000 hours of community service on an annual basis. As such, many students who graduate from FSU with an accredited social work degree go on to careers in military-related fields, such as at VA medical centers, the US Army Wounded Warrior Program, and the Department of Defense.
Not only will you be getting a cheap social work degree, at CUNY York College, you’ll be in the middle of New York City, surrounded by opportunities to discover your passion out in the field. As part of that community of more than 8,000, GRU’s social work students are active locally and around the state.
In addition to a BSW, the school’s Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences also offers minors in corrections, criminal justice, juvenile justice, and a number of other areas. Grace Place Baptist Church, Grace Presbyterian Church and Grace United Methodist Church are some of the churches located in Oklahoma City.
Course offerings include Black Families, Social Welfare as Social Policy, and Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency. From Human Behavior and Elementary Statistics to Welfare Policies and Group Dynamics, this school’s coursework is also comprehensive and job-oriented. Students can also participate in different social work conferences or travel to Atlanta to make their voices heard at the state capitol on Social Work Lobby Day. If you’re interested in pursuing an accredited social work degree from UTA, you’ll be able to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge in a department that’s over 40 strong. Victoria Efferson, FAMU’s very first social work preceptor, is still revered and celebrated for the proud legacy she spent decades building.
As such, social work students learn with an eye to the larger world around them including social work in Asia and the Pacific. Back in 1955, faculty member JoAnn Robinson and her students used university facilities to make copies of boycott flyers to spread the word throughout the city.
If you opt to pursue an accredited social work degree at Rutgers, you will find that classes have a distinct focus on social work and social activism in an urban environment.
Concord University is located in West Virginia’s rural heart and training students to work with rural populations is at the core of its social work major. Other student organizations exist, such as the Honors Program, which brings speakers to campus for the annual “Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities.” School facilities include a study room, two computer labs, and a reading room in the university library specifically for social work students.
The social work faculty, for example, was instrumental in founding FUEL NKU, a campus food pantry to address needs on campus. A city like New Orleans won’t let you forget that what you learn in the classroom is more than theory. These new student centers around campus work to drive community and provide social outlets. As a student, you can reap the benefits of participating in the Alpha Delta Mu National Social Work Honor Society and the school’s Social Work Student Organization. The Arkansas Academic Partnership offers qualifying students who spend at least 400 hours placed with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Children and Family Services a stipend. Likewise, students who participate in Social Workers Association of Tomorrow (SWAT), can maintain contact with students at the other two campus locations via video link.

By providing a large administrative staff, the university provides a supportive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone in the social work program. To make the most of your undergrad experience, you can join the school’s chapter of Phi Alpha honors society, the Social Work Club, and even study abroad.
Visitors to Oklahoma City can choose from Rodeway Inn Oklahoma City, Harvey Janitorial Sales and Market Source for temporary stays in the area. A combination of research projects, thought-provoking seminars, and field experiences ensure that aspiring social workers at DSU continuously challenge themselves to improve. Students at KSU can also enjoy access to the Phi Alpha honor society and the National Association of Social Work. USF is a sizable program with over 30 instructors and close to 4,000 graduates who know the advantage of this cheap social work degree; many of them work in social work-related fields from coast-to-coast. Not only can you join the school’s Social Work Club and the Phi Alpha honor society, El Club de la Familia Espanola provides another chance for students to practice their Spanish with particular emphasis on situations that will be relevant in a social work-related field. The Social Work Student Association strives to address students’ spiritual, psychological, and social needs and also provides social work students with a voice in department meetings. Concord’s social work program has been accredited since 1974, and its student-run Social Work Organization, bringing students together for social and service outings, followed right behind in 1975. Among its more than two dozen student organizations, some stand-outs include gerontology, size-ism advocacy, social justice, immigration, and meditation. Outside the classroom, you have the option to join groups such as the Social Work Action Club, the Phi Alpha honor society, and the National Association of Black Social Workers. Secondly, the social work program at UA-Pine Bluff puts pertinent research materials right at your fingertips, thanks to the child welfare resource library. While the university offers a number of different scholarships to students regardless of discipline, the Community Service Scholarship Program may be of particular interest to perspective social work students. The department chair, in fact, is considered one of the “leading social work researchers” in the United States.
Faculty research includes work on the psychology of stereotyping, reintegrating veterans into society, incarcerated fathers, children in war, and much more. And with all the money you’ll be saving with the most affordable social work degree in the country, you’ll be well prepared to start a career in multiple helping professions, including military service. New single-family homes in Oklahoma City cost $142,600 on average, which is below the state average. We also consulted the directory on the Council on Social Work Education’s website to ensure that all of the schools we considered have full accreditation for their programs. The program also offers more targeted classes in topics such as sexuality, addiction, aging, and child services, which can help near-graduates determine an area of specialty for their professional work. In addition to the BSW, students can also choose from a minor in social welfare and obtain a Certificate in Child Welfare Practice. On top of that, recipients enjoy job placement assistance, training, and networking opportunities.
Students in the program take what they have learned out into the field, building on their classroom knowledge by completing 450 hours of field placement on their way to obtaining one of the top social work degrees in the region—and the country.
And although the sheer number of students in the school’s social work program may seem daunting, the program understands that the individual needs of the students may vary and thus offers weekend and evening class options.
Some highlights among the classes offered include Contemporary Issues with Native American Families and Rural Social Work Practice.
And when you’re not in the classroom, there’s a student group for just about everyone, including groups to promote the interests of Asian Pacific Islander social work students, Latino students, LGBT students, and African American students as well as a Social Action Committee, Gerontology Student Association, and the College of Health and Human Services Student Council. With a yearly scholarship breakfast held to support students, you’re sure to feel the love; in the last six years, more than $750,000 has been raised to support social work students. Meanwhile, the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) recently recognized three current faculty members with their Innovative Teaching Award, making a BSW one of the top social work degrees in America. Second, the school offers what it calls a Social Work Weekend Program for students who have already a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in another field and wish to obtain a cheap social work degree.
Human diversity electives prepare students to experience the world at their door with classes on the Caribbean, black psychology, social stratification, and ethnicity.
Tuition for out-of-state students remains competitive compared with many other schools included on this list, making this an affordable social work degree for everyone.
As far as selective social work degree programs go, this is a strong contender on any list. For a chance to make friends and engage with your discipline outside the classroom, join the Social Work Club or the National Association of Social Workers’ NYC chapter.

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