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Social Media can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness, monitor your business reputation and offer better services. One of the most important steps is to choose the right Social Media networks in order to successfully reach your target audience.
Even if Social Media are considered a cost effective solution for lots of businesses, have in mind that sometimes traditional channels can be much more effective especially in B2B cases. A successful Social Media campaign, like in all communication campaigns, requires an action plan.
Social Media community development is the process to build your global network within social media. Follow people of common interests on twitter and start new discussions in groups on Social Networks like LinkedIn or Xing.
Driving traffic through various social media embassies of your business can be an effective way to promote your business.
Measuring the effectiveness of a Social Media campaign depends on the objectives you have set. With businesses investing a substantial amount of their marketing budgets into social media marketing, it is important that they have an accountable,regulated and much more planned approach to this myriad media channel. Page views – the more often you blog and share it on social media, the more traffic you will drive to your site. Referral sources – knowing which networks are driving more traffic to your site is crucial in setting your strategy and tactics for the next months.

The Google search engine is looking for fresh, relevant content written for the human reader.
You need a solid marketing plan before you jump in and part of that is defining your target market – a SCORE mentor can help you with that for free! Giselle Aguiar, founder of AZ Social Media Wiz is a social media, inbound and content marketing strategist & trainer helping small to mid-sized business owners learn how to leverage the power of social media marketing, increase traffic to their websites, generate leads, increase brand awareness and establish themselves as experts in their fields. All three sites offer business page analytics and insights on your fans and post engagement that you don’t get with a personal profile. Nevertheless, using Social Media as part of your marketing strategy is not as simple as many people think. Some social media are more business oriented (LinkedIn, Xing) while some others are great tools for finding news and articles (Twitter) etc.
This network can be a source of information related to your customers needs or to your brand reputation.
This is because in this way you take advantage of the different characteristics that are supported in the various Social Media. The various metrics that Social Media networks provide can be useful way to understand the reaction of the users on the messages that they receive.
The answer will vary depending on if you’re business to business or business (B2B) to consumer (B2C), your industry, your current customer base. Only $25 and I’ll be covering branding along with an overview of the major social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest as well as blogging, hashtags and trends!

As with anything in business, using the right tools in the right way and at the right time are critical parts to your success. Not the traditional directories you’re thinking of, but in social media profiles and pages. By using Social Media you can add value to your services by understanding the needs of your customers.
So when you build accounts or when you post messages on Social Media don’t forget to cross link them. As long as you keep feeding them content that they like, your following will grow and that social amplification will kick in.
Remember that you should have clear objectives and predefined available resources for this campaign.
Official Social Media, Newsletter and Blog Manager for Greater Phoenix SCORE and Adjunct Faculty at Phoenix College.

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