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The effectiveness of social media cues in advertisements varies widely by the medium the ad appears in, according to a recent survey from Burst Media. Among survey respondents who recalled social media prompts in advertising, digital ads (61%) and television ads (59%) were the most effective at driving interaction with a brand’s social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More than half (54%) of women and 44% of men who interact on social media via cues in advertising cite "to show my support for a brand that I like" as a reason for doing so. Presented by: Paul ChaneyIn just 10 minutes, we'll walk you through seven steps to creating an effective social media strategy. Jon Gibs, Vice President, Media Analytics, The Nielsen CompanySean Bruich, Measurement Research, Facebook, Inc.We've heard from countless brand marketers about the need for guidance when it comes to measuring the value of social media advertising. I really believe that branded content marketing defines the existence of the internet aside from social Medias. It's why we've made a major investment towards helping advertisers understand how to achieve their brand goals in a social context.

For instance, ComScore released the results of a survey last year on advertising effectiveness with various mediums and the responsiveness of consumers to that advertising. Overall, they found that 28% of respondents were likely to notice advertising on social media and less than that 23% are likely to trust the advertisements they notice.
For the entertainment industry, 66% of respondents were more likely to be receptive to advertising on social media sites while 48% were more likely to be receptive on news and general media websites. At the same time, the telecom industry had the same number of respondents in both the social media and general media category. And for industries like pharmaceuticals and financial services, respondents were less likely to respond on social sites than they were on general media sites.AudienceIn any marketing campaign, you have to look at the demographics of the audience. Depending on the audience of a social media website, a campaign can have a better or worse response. Generally speaking, you have to find the right demographic for what you are marketing to have the best conversion.ReachFor a social media site to be an effective medium, it has to have a large audience reach or a large audience that fits your demographic.

You see with social media, we’re better able to target our marketing campaigns to specific demographics because their advertising power is based on the personal information that is entered by the users.
For instance, a singles website could target their advertising only to those consumers who are single and looking, a movie studio could target a specific age range that they think would be most interested in their film, and a college could target those who don’t have a college degree. The power of targeting is directly tied to the ability of the consumer to control the information they input in an online community.Other factorsThere are a number of other smaller factors that can influence social media advertising. First, let me say that I don’t have access to hard numbers when it comes to the average social media advertisements. What I can safely say from my research is that social media advertisements seem to have lower response rate than that of traditional online media.

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