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This powerpoint provides 5 ways for young professionals to build a favorable online presence that will give them a competitive edge.
Inappropriate and highlight pictures, tweets, poor your unique skills grammar, inconsistency etc. Comments and Feedback for a continuousConsider yourself a reporter via social media, and report on period of time, withwhat is happening at the event. Tweet about what is said,any striking remarks, questions and answers, and give youropinions.
It's how people in the industry, not just your friends, see you as an individual, a peer and a potential employee.

It's important that you filter in tid-bits of your life that reflect your personality and individuality, but what you post should never work to comprimise your integrity or present you as a liability. It's ok to stand for something (Politics, religion, social causes), but making polarized statements can turn people off.Social media puts your thoughts on a stage for everyone to see.
While your inner circle may share your views, your social media circle is a much more diverse collection of opnions and convictions. While you may feel you can flex your monitor muscles from the safety of your own home, remember the sports business is small and you may have to address any member of our diverse community face to face some day.5. You never really know who it is you're going up against.It's easy to sit behind your keyboard and run your mouth like a tough guy, but as previously mentioned, you never know who you're going up against on the other side of the conversation.

It's ok to cheer for your team, but try not to be disrespectful toward someone else's--they could be your employer someday.School spirit is a big part of what we do and not all of us are fortunate enough to work for our alma maters. Imagine talking trash about a team and then the perfect job you've always wanted opens up with them.

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