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You’ll learn the value of using social media to reach your customers and how it can lead to new customers, as well as driving repeat sales.
You’ll learn the basics of the 5 most popular social media networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest – and how to evaluate which one is best for your small business.
The webinar is being led by yours truly…Steve Boller, Marketing and Communications Strategist at BLP.
And then again, there are plenty of organizations out there who ARE embracing social media. Three indispensable apps that make learning, curating, and sharing on social media efficient AND enjoyable. How to let self exploration and curiosity, and not a set in stone policy, guide your team’s behavior as they embrace social media. Why a weekly (or monthly) Twitter or Yammer chat might be the single best way to get your team used to learning and sharing on social media.

How to get past roadblocks that prevent you from implementing social media into your learning.
In short, it will be an hour PACKED with tips and tricks showing you how social media and learning development go hand in hand. The Internet and social media have had a disruptive impact on public relations, shifting an increasing amount of news and travel planning online. The webinar will be held twice: Tuesday, August 28th at 10 am EDT and Wednesday, September 12th at 2 pm EDT. While our organization has been online and active with social for a few years, my role in the company has brought a renewed emphasis and commitment to using social media tools, both for our external communications and our company learning. We’ll teach you what key decision makers need to hear before they will sign off on social media as a viable strategy. We’ll be hosting the webinar on GoToMeeting, and slides and audio will be available afterwards for all participants.

Having coached and mentored team members who previously did not use social media for work, I bring a unique perspective on integrating social media into organizational learning that is immediately applicable to a variety of situations. ReviewPro aggregates hundreds of millions of reviews in 40+ languages from more than 100 review sites, online travel agencies (OTAs) & all major social media platforms.
More and more workers young and old are finding their niche on a social network and using it to further their personal and professional goals. Employees need to find real value in the time they spend on social media if they are going to start using it productively at work.
While some are stuck behind social media firewalls at work, personal smart phones and tablets mean that most can find a way online no matter what the company mandates.

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