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Utilising the power of both social media and animated whiteboard explainer videos ensures that not only will your content be seen better, but shared as well. Facebook video is another option when it comes to incorporating promotional video for your company. So it’s no surprise to see Twitter (with Vine) and Facebook (in regards to Instagram) start to take advantage of video content.
Instagram videos differ from vine videos in that they don’t loop, and that they can be up to fifteen seconds long. Thanks to the continuing acceptance and flexibility of video, a whiteboard animation explainer might just be the best thing for you to convey your message and information, regardless of social media’s limitations.

Having your audience share videos is a two pronged attack, in that it acts not only as a seal of approval, but allows your message to be reached through their connections as well, something previously very difficult to do. A whiteboard animation explainer video is able to direct very simple and easy to digest information while allowing your audience to share the content for you across other avenues of social media.
Thus in the world of promotional videos, integrating videos into your company’s social media provides a large advantage. However, incorporating your company info into social media in easy to understand, appealing ways is one of the most up and coming paths to establish your brand and increase your outreach to new customers. Contact us today at Viddio for any advice or services regarding video marketing, we’re here to help!

Don’t hesitate to hire a professional to perfect the transformation from promo video to vine.
They’ll take care of the strategy and execution of combining promotional videos and social media.

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