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EmailPrintOne of the beauties of social media is its ability to change at a rapid speed to fit consumer needs. Although video content will have increased availability on other channels, don’t assume YouTube will start to go away anytime soon. With the recent developments and popularity of video apps like Vine, Snapchat and Instagram, short video content is no longer reserved to just YouTube.
Speaking of using visual content to improve engagement, SlideShare is becoming a key social network for business professional to learn in a visual form. If that wasn’t enough, SlideShare is also looking to extend video capabilities sometime in 2015. The year 2014 has witnessed a number of developments and improvements in the domain of social media. The second image shows that more money should be invested in advertisements on social media. In the third image, content marketing continues to grow; the chart demonstrates the increase that is going to take place in the budget for content creation in 2015. According to the latest report from data management company NexGate that surveyed more than 300,000 Fortune 100 social media accounts, 40% are unauthorised and potentially open to cyber attack. There are three main categories of security threats including unauthorized accounts, social account compromises, and harmful content.

In aggregate, Fortune 100 brands are experiencing at least one compromise per business day on their social media channels.
Social media spam grew sevenfold since mid-2013 when the previous “State of Social Media Spam” report was released. With the rise of employee-lead social media advocacy, corporations need to pay close attention to their security protocols to ensure these networks are leveraged in a safe and secure environment.
This Snapshot provides a key to digital media usage trends next year and how they will be different from this year’s patterns. It’s no surprise to see that Instagram, a mobile social app known for its video and photo sharing, has over 300 million active users.
With YouTube having over 1 billion unique monthly visitors, it’s still one of the largest active video marketing platforms. While many companies and brands rushed to join YouTube (and will continue to do so in 2015), it is not the only source for video marketing anymore. With SlideShare being known for its educational content, the addition of video could easily make this platform the YouTube for business!
Lindsey turned her passion of social media into a career and now manages all social media channels for Groove. In 2015, the budget for creating content is expected to rise up by 59% in 2015 as the 69% more content would be created this year as compared to 2014.

Despite YouTube being the primary site of video sharing it has been outnumbered by Facebook in terms of desktop video views in August, 2014. The research was completed by eMarketer and presented by Monetate and includes infographics illustrating social media, video viewing, tablet m-commerce and tablet and smartphone usage figures—critical for marketers to understand as they develop campaigns to target the growing online and mobile populations.
This is also another sign for the marketers which they need to identify as video content is gaining momentum in the market with the improved internet infrastructure across the globe. While in the office you’ll most likely find Lindsey walking around taking pictures for social, in the creative nook brainstorming blog topics or working on the next topic for the upcoming Baltimore HUG meet-up! Marketers should also come up with good marketing videos and publish them on Facebook and other social networking sites as well. 18% should be invested in finding a steady stream of relevant content and 17% should be about focusing on the use of social media for content marketing.

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