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We are talking about one of the most powerful means of media and marketing available in the current scenario.
In simple language, Social Media is simply a set of virtual platforms, in the form of networks and communities, where people interact with each other by creating, sharing and exchanging information.
Statistics clearly reflect the impact that Social Media has had on the market, since these strategies have come into picture.A glance at the statistics provided by a report from Nielsen, twill reveal a clear detail of all these facts. This will clarify all your doubts regarding why you should choose Social Media techniques to take your business towards newer heights of success.
We, with the help of social media platforms, will provide your business the perfect gateway where you can interact with maximum number of customers, taking you miles ahead of your competitors. Drop me your queries and get not just the solutions, but also a look at the rewarding social media packages delivered by me previously! Marketing professionals rely on the use of media to deliver messages about their products and services. There are other significant differences between traditional media and social media to consider, as well.
Although, traditional media and social media are quite different, they both have some of the same, or similar, objectives.
The comparison of traditional media and social media remind us that social media cannot replace traditional media nor can traditional media alone adequately meet the expectations of a digital age.

I had never considered the importance of combining the two types of media until this lecture.
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Social media is often misunderstood and is deemed to be supplementary to traditional media.
Traditional and Social Media marketing are two completely different processes that need to be understood separately. Social media has quickly integrated itself into our everyday lives, both personal and professional, and it’s perhaps had no greater impact than on the world of marketing, with consumers and brands seeing enormous benefits and changes.
Social media is the only marketing platform that allows you to engage and interact with your consumers. The end goals being for consumers to have a favorable opinion of what is being marketed, and for the purchase cycle to be completed or the social feedback cycle to continue in a positive direction. Traditional Media, you can find a detailed info-graphic depicting more of the things discussed here and in lecture. The ubiquity of platforms like Twitter means that social media has become a basic pillar in brand communication. As the graphic below shows, the funnel for social media marketing is the opposite to traditional marketing , with the former looking to find new customers through word of mouth and through the recommendation of retained and loyal ones.

Social media campaigns can be time consuming and the impact can circulate very quickly, whereas traditional marketing campaigns, certainly in television, can produce short term results that have greater tangibility. Rather, our experts are going to utilize the platforms available in the Social Media World, and make them work for you.
There are clear benefits to both types of media, but it is important to understand the similarities and differences between the two to better utilize them.
Both traditional and social media want to reach the consumer, but they accomplish that in very different ways. Sports fans are more loyal than any other consumers, making it even more crucial for brands in the industry to communicate with their fans, something that social media provides the perfect opportunity to do with its real time nature. Depending on businesses, both traditional and social media can be efficient each one in their own way. I think we are just beginning to see marketers and business leaders not only investing in social media, but combining the use of social media with traditional media to cover the full spectrum of communication.
The graphic below shows how different traditional and social media differ, and how the latter is a better long term solution for sports brands.

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