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When the Mashable post on social media traffic was published, I read it without much surprise.
As of March 2010, Facebook traffic made up 41% of all traffic on a list of popular social destinations. If you look back at the first chart, you will see a big jump in traffic in addition to the steady growth. As we enter the fourth quarter of 2012, it’s a good time to examine the social media landscape to determine where and how to focus your marketing efforts. To this end, it’s useful to understand both your social media goals and to create a social media persona for your target audience as part of an effective social media strategy.
Here’s how the top 15 global brands on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube stack up based on results from Social Bakers.

To put this in perspective, here’s how other online marketers use social media channels based on research by SEOmoz, a technology company focused on search.
Blogs, which are critical to business in 2013, are ranked top in terms of content marketing and SEO across all social media formats.
Social media has increased in importance because it’s where your prospects, customers and competitors spend their time. However, the data does include home, work and school uses, so there is still a good cross section of traffic. Actionable Marketing Tip: Integrate a way for social media participants to find your website or social media outpost from content shared on these venues to increase traffic. In part, B2C strength on social media is attributable to the overall strength of many of these brands, their large marketing budgets, their retail footprint, the lower relative cost of social media compared to outbound marketing, and the synergies of their integrated marketing efforts.

Berk’s conclusion is that people and websites are weaving themselves into social networks.
Given that Twitter recently announced how much traffic they really get, we have significant doubts that LinkedIn is growing faster than Twitter.

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