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Due to the rapid adoption of social media, I’ve come up with a new Social Media Framework aimed to empower Business and Communities beyond Social Media. To me, the social media framework aids comprehension of workflow experiences by describing their components, it also optimizes my social media workflow in an easier way since a framework may include components that are applicable to them all. About Isra GarciaMarketer, Social Media and Digital Transformation Advisor for international brands and agencies, Speaker and Educator.
Hence, write down every procedure, pattern or system you follow to implement your social media workflow and start developing a schedule with all the tasks you performs every day, together with the time spent, the activities, the allowance, restrictions, and of course, deviations.

Recently selected as one of the members of the ‘Best Thinkers’ program for Social Media Today, the platform used around the world as a reference in Social Media. Isra writes for international publications such as Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, SmartBrief, Social Trends and has collaborated indirectly with FastCompany.
He has also been named one of the top 20 social media bloggers by Solomon McCown, a well-known Boston-based PR agency. Through social media, these persistent brand myths are often read by millions of consumers in a matter of minutes and can seriously threaten the integrity of a brand.

From acquisitions to algorithms, there have been more than 10 new announcements in the first three months of the year, causing many brands to feel cold toward the global social site.

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