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Presentation from the Women's Business Enterprise National Council #WBENCconf on Top 10 social media tips for your business.
As part of our camping and glamping business series we have put together a collection of business social media tips for companies to use to help them make an impression on social media. It also stands to reason, that where people spend a lot of their time being social on the Internet, they may also spend time booking their camping or glamping holidays or buying products they need for their next trip to the campsite.
Social media accounts like: Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter, are a places where you can share great content, connect with others, forge business relationships, drive traffic to your website or blog, create leads and establish yourself as an expert. Google+ is still being established by Google but it contains some great features, such as being able to freely market events, promote your product without paying for it (yet!), to chat virtually in hangouts and chat within established communities.
Pinterest is an inspirational visual medium that has been shown can sell, engage and drive website traffic effectively with huge success.
LinkedIn is a place perfect for businesses but many find it uncomfortable sharing their business details and contacts in such an open format. Look at their websites and blog to see how many methods they have for social media interaction and where they are most successful. Consider how seriously they are taking social media and monitor over a period of time how well they are doing.
Inspired CampingTrend hunter, inspiration finder and creator, searching the cool camping, glamping and travel markets for the best products, information, gadgets and accessories, so you don't have to. First and foremost, include share, like, +1 and follow options under your website content so that your site visitors can find you on social media. Another great way to gain a following is to share useful content from other businesses in your industry on your social media profiles.
Slowly but surely, following these social media tips closely will ensure an increase in your social media following.

Here are best social media marketing tips that can implement to maximize the effectiveness of their social campaigns. This covers how to incorporate social media into your existing business strategy to support your business goals.
However, this is particularly important for the leisure industry, which is a highly competitive space.
Think about how you would interact with them by: introducing yourself, exploring your interests, highlighting snippets of news and freely offering interesting and useful information, tips and tricks. Users of this medium are reported to be the most loyal and spend the most time online and interacting through their accounts. Therefore linking this medium to your website and products is essential for improving search engine optimisation and access to audiences who prefer to be social, learn, interact and share through moving images.
Social media requires upkeep and not every brand is prepared for the long haul, so this information will be very useful for you when making your own decisions. Many social media also have specific follow buttons that you can use on your website, so that users can follow you right from the page they are on instead of being redirected to your profile first. If you’re brand, company or media agency these tips will definitely beneficial for your businesses. Post unique content – If you want to stand out on social media then your content needs to be unique to your brand. Enhance social networks – Reach out everything, which includes Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, etc. Stop fishing for likes and shares – Try engaging your audience in ways that encourage conversations and interactions.
Mix it up with content formats – Make sure that your social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) are well-branded, and don’t be afraid to use different formats.

Make strategic use of #hashtags in all relevant social media platforms – whatever you do, please don’t make up hashtags as you write your posts. Get good at one thing at a time – try not to establish several different social media channels and attempt to keep up with them all. Know what your competitors are posting – Look for patterns in your competitors’ content, and test out similar material of your own. Spend money on video – Every niche can benefit from videos as they get better engagement on social media. Use your email list to promote your social media content – it’s a great way to drive targeted traffic! Encourage employee engagement on your channels – The people who work for you are among your best endorsers.
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You can create contests that require users to follow, add or like your page in order to participate; or have Twitter users tweet at you for a chance to win a prize.
If you already run social media campaign then check it out what important things you are missing in your campaign.
Use appropriate keywords in your posts to allow your content to be found in search engines, as social media updates are now included in search results.

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