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Since I’ve been in the social media realm for so long (considering how new it is), I have time and experience on my side and have worked on everything from high-level entertainment branding and social channel voice development to day-to-day plans, online crisis communication strategy and execution via social channels. When looking to hire a strategist, the red flags may be uncovered through answers to a few simple questions.
Keep an eye out for trained social media strategists and select one who shows capability in broadening your market research resources and will be willing to go the extra mile to bring you closer to your clients. What happens, in most cases, is that companies begin to establish an online presence, and even invest on web design and create compelling content, but lack of experience in working deeply with the selected social media platforms fail to maximize social media. Creating a social media presence is one thing; maximizing it is a totally different thing, and therein lies the challenge.
In an era when social networking sites have enabled people to communicate instantaneously, a company that doesn’t have an online presence can be viewed as not in step with the times. A good social media manager must be able to effectively train others, and motivate or get them excited about social media and how it can be leveraged to attain business growth. Some of the traits that a social media head should have are adaptability, a natural curiosity in order to tap various areas of the business and gather the necessary information, a sense of urgency, and a proactive mindset.
To be able to make the most of social media efforts and be productive, a social media head should not only be able to craft good content in conversational language, but be able to obtain input from others.

Hi I’m Mandy, Your Social Media Strategist!Hi, I'm Mandy, social media strategist and digital marketing consultant. Whether a new found planning love or a transitioning strategist, social has brought a lot of people into the limelight in a budding industry.
Beyond creating succinct and compelling content fit for online audiences , a strategist’s job includes developing a solid social strategy to bring well thought out content to the awareness of the right target audience. A bona fide social business strategist will keep you organization’s business goals in mind (and often, it includes generating more income at the least expense, and ensuring a great deal of customer satisfaction).
Experienced strategists can show the world that the company they represent, or their client, is progressive.
Companies and entrepreneurs may set up their own official pages on the leading social networking sites, and gain a huge following, but there are ways to maximize the benefits of social media. When looking to hire one, check if the candidate for the position can collect and analyze social media performance data and contribute in the implementation of actual social media campaigns and programs.
The chief strategist should not only focus on posting articles about the company in popular social networks, but should also be able to integrate content with lead generation, referrals, and actual revenues.
When replying or posting content, you should make sure that you are issuing statements in a professional manner in social media outlets.

Last but not the least, a competent social media head or online manager should also be able to keep things in strict confidentiality. I've helped hundreds of business owners enhance their social media presence and increase their leads online. Some social media marketing consultants focus on search engine optimization and online reputation management, apart from WordPress.
The contacts and referrals you can gain from one or two leading social networking sites can be sizeable. A familiarity with social media analytics and monitoring tools likewise is essential to the position. Because the online medium is also oftentimes used as a form of obtaining social support, and voicing out dissatisfaction with a product or service, it behooves companies to strive for quality.

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