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As with all consulting work, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to the per-hour question, partly because it also depends on the type of client, the type of work and the project scope.
I’ve been browsing all over the web looking for info on social media consulting fees but you’ve done a lot of the work for me!
During the time I was doing work for him, I turned down two other offers, so I’m very short on money. I try to be flexible when I meet with someone about my SEO & Social Media Consulting work.
Thank you!I\’ve been searching for an idea of where to start when it comes to charging for the work I love doing.
Career Focus is an occasional feature in which we highlight well-paying and in-demand jobs, providing details about the job itself, educational requirements, work environment, job growth, and salaries. A bonus addition to this Career Focus is a short review of a newly published book on social media careers and job-hunting. Social media strategists (other job titles include social media community manager, social media content manager, social media coordinator) are in charge of social program development (including governance, planning, project management and operations), success metrics development and analysis, and communications and execution of social media campaigns.
According to Indeed’s Salary Search, the average annual salary nationwide for social media careers range from $40,000 for entry-level positions to $100,000+ for senior positions. Social media professionals typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism, or some communication-related field, ideally also with some relevant social media experience (through internships, freelancing, volunteering, and the like). Harnessing and utilizing the power of social media correctly and strategically is something all organizations are grappling with, from large and small businesses, to educational institutions and non-profit organizations, to governmental agencies. A great resource for learning much more about social media careers, including detailed sections on the different types of social media careers, foundations of social media education, and how to become a social media pro… is Getting a Social Media Job for Dummies, by Brooks Briz and David Rose. This book is loaded with the information and tools you need to help discover the type of social media job you want — and how to go about getting it!
Remember, not all of your followers and fans are on your mailing list, so use social media to build up your list and land more clients! Crystal Coleman, chief happiness officer at International Freelancers Academy, and founder of Solo Solutions. I think an important part of using your own social network to market is to be respectful in your approach. The best advice I can give freelancers, especially creative ones, is to openly share and talk about your work.
You can hang out on social media, make yourself useful, share free advice and make friends with all sorts of great folk.
I also engage in conversations, share relevant content, routinely tweet about being a freelance writer and my work and answer as many questions as I can. I'm a freelance illustrator, and this has to be one of the most helpful posts I've ever read-- thank you, Ed!
I just wrote a little piece on the subject of Twitter marketing ideas for freelance creatives.
When you work for an advertising agency with AOR accounts, seldom do you find digital planners that just focus on web, or just focus on tablets and apps, or just focus on search or social (multiple positions are contingent upon the scope of work that can support each discipline). First and foremost, I think digital strategists need to be aware of and fully fluent across all aspects of traditional strategic account planning inclusive of the category they work in as well as the target attitudes and behaviors so we can define appropriate and actionable initiatives.
I also wholeheartedly believe the best strategists have also been the best producers of content in their former job functions, and are able to utilize those skills that carry over into their strategist role. With the advent of new digital communication entrants everyday there is a need to be agile and iterative in our approach to problem solving through digital mediums.
For instance web-based initiatives should never be packaged without search optimization or awareness drivers like display, paid search of social engagement integration. I also believe successful strategic and tactical execution is a collaborative effort amongst the digital strategist and various contributing departments.

There are strategist out there that focus solely on social engagement and building brand experience through social channels.
There are strategists that focus solely on connection planning and 3rd party media partnerships – identifying the right brand with the right space to be communicating with consumers in. There are strategists that focus solely on search, display campaigns and optimized landing pages.
Sometimes these strategists work for different organizations and are working in silos (not ideal). For most of us (who aren't famous in the digital world), the biggest factor in how much you can charge is your work experience.
Especially in a crowded field like social media, where rates fall across the board, you could choose a whole spectrum of rates and still be considered reasonable. The article has great tips and tons of links that I can refer to while in the process of starting my social media consulting business. I have a Bachelors degree and have spent the past five years working in the marketing industry. We’re up against companies not understanding the value of social media and their online brand. I had this very thing come up the other day – working in Melbourne at the moment and was asked what my freelance rate was. I currently got hired by a small hardware store in East Los Angeles to work on their community outreach and social media maintenance. This is such a gift to the community of social entrepreneurs that are out there working to make their own luck, as you put it. As a social media strategist, you are the leader within the organization for socially-driven brand-based marketing and communications campaigns. Social media managers, especially those with an eye toward upper management, may want to consider one of a small group of specialized graduate programs in integrated marketing communications and social media. See how other successful self-employed professionals have used social media to land new clients. An important pattern quickly emerged: You have to be creative and strategic with these tools. I usually follow people, not businesses, and a personalized profile with a photo (instead of a logo) with tweets on personal thoughts as well as professional work is a big plus in my book. That can work, and it's better than doing nothing, but it's smarter to just get in touch with these people and say hi, nice work, and you appreciate this or that. I'm a regular contributor to a Technorati 100 blog and every time a post of mine goes up, I get work inquiries. I'm always amazed at how even the simplest things will work when done sincerely and without coming across as desperate for work.
Ed asked me to contribute to this post but I said I couldn't because I don't get too many clients from social media. Yes, about 90-95% of my clients now come from social media and referrals (on social media!): mostly Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in that order. I also believe digital planners should hold a degree of excellence in cross-channel, media and most importantly propagation planning. I believe the digital strategists who have never touched, contributed to, created or designed any digital experiences lack the functional knowledge and crucial nuances that comes with the strategic insight and recommendations.
The day-to-day of the digital strategist is a bit of black box for most, even inside marketing organizations.
Your going rate will likely be higher than the just-out-of-college crowd, but still lower than experienced strategists. I knew it would be a good route for social media work, though, if you consider finite project work like audits and strategies.

My business partner and I have designed some social media packages including graphic design, advertising credit, details reporting & analysis, constant monitoring, posting and customer interaction.
We need to teach them about the social revolution so they understand the value in what we’re doing. Most of the time the struggle is in the scope of work while discussing clients and hence the unsure feeling on time. What should I charge for being in a small town and working for a struggling advertising company. Finally, you could also find employment with one of the many companies that provide social media, marketing, and branded communications services.
To be honest, we first developed it to help our team figure out what was working for our business.
With the new social media dashboard, I'm now able to see that social media (Twitter, FB, etc.) is driving all kinds of traffic to my blog (because I publicize my blog content on social (my strategy) -- and once people get to my blog, they go through my site. Social initiatives are nothing without the understanding of and planning for amplification and influence amongst the consumer voice, that garners earned media for the brand.
A digital strategist needs to be experienced and knowledgeable across the dynamic and ever-evolving digital environment.
Check out this post on why it sometimes makes sense to outsource social media.) For new clients, I usually charge a one-time set-up fee that covers strategizing and creating social media profiles, then a monthly retainer to maintain the networks and grow quality followings. I have a bachelors degree in journalism and I will soon be certified in social media consulting (just for the professional title). Overall, I rely on social media as an instant communication tool to demonstrate what I do in a relevant way.
And, in addition to understanding the opportunities digital planners have to package them as “valuable investments” that tie to larger brand strategies when selling in ideas to the client.
And if you land recurring work (and put systems into place), you'll become faster over time, and you can use your extra hours to bring in more income.
But making money with it had not come to mind till a company contacted me to manage and build their social media accounts.
I referred a website which provides guidelines on how to become freelance social media manager .
I have much more traction there than I do on social media -- although social media does help drive that traction. I have arranged to present some ideas to help them with their Twitter account in exchange for free product… However, I have been doing some research on the company and their social media platform usage and brand coherency are severely lacking. If you answered affirmatively, then a career in social media strategy may be perfect for you. Those who wants to become a freelance social media manager visit to Careerlancer and go to the selective category .
Over the past four years, I've really learned to "work" my social media, and now it's working for me!
I have worked with a retainer before, I charged at the start of the month a small amount, this fee rolls on each month, then work that went over the retainer was charged alongside the retainer the following month, however, to incentivise the retainer, I offer a discount on the hourly cost when on a retainer. I like to work with small businesses as with large companies that are looking to set this type of thing up, you will find a you have too much to do, too many areas of the business, and more often than not, a lack of communication from the business to enable you to perform your duties.

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