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Google with its Google+ platform (with a development cost of over half a billion dollars) tried to take Mark Zuckerberg on, but it has become an incidental social network that isn’t taken seriously by many marketers. In fact the the instant services and chat apps now account for 3 of the top 5 global social platforms. The rise of non English speaking social networks in China and Russia, such as Qzone, are producing large social networks that exceed Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
Tall poppies are easy targets but the reality is that Facebook has cracked the social network code. Facebook maybe the biggest and baddest but there are many other social media facts and networks that shouldn’t be forgotten. I’ve been looking to get Instagram going for my Freelance blog and the 53% stat pushed me over the edge to actually get started with it now instead of waiting any longer. I agree with all the facts that you mentioned about social media specially the mobile social media facts. I’ve never thought of the rise of large non-English speaking social networks in other countries.
Producing content is a good first step toward driving traffic and leads to your business online. Even if you aren’t looking to attract business online, your customers will still certainly expect to see you online. The excerpt below from Go Gulf’s infographic shows just a few statistics on the benefits of social media for business. Once you decide to focus on improving your social presence, it’s important that you commit to regular maintenance and engagement. Use these ideas below to get in the game and experience how a stronger social presence can benefit your business. A social media calendar as part of (or separate from) your editorial calendar can help you to plan posts or social media campaigns around key times of the year for your business that you’ll want to highlight via social media.
A simple way to integrate social media is to add social sharing icons to e-mails and blog posts to encourage sharing by your followers and visitors.

If you’re looking for results in a short time period (like 30 days or less!), there are some activities that are proven to attract a good amount of attention on social media. Social media is an important part of your digital marketing plan and one that does require time and commitment. As you work on improving those social media profiles, take a look at our helpful e-book below for tips on how to create an effective company page on one of the top social media platforms, LinkedIn.
Linkedin is also rated as the highest effective social media platforms for distributing content, followed by twitter and Youtube.
These statistics showed the most effective social media platforms for distributing content - which are Linkedin and Twitter.
The traditional social networks as we know them are not the only games in world wide social web town! To provide access for the aspirational masses the mobile wireless networks are a fast track to a global world. LinkedIn cannot be ignored it is a massive professional social network for both individuals and companies like ourselves. I wonder if some of them will ever gain more of a global following and be translated into English for Western nations. Amazing is up to now in social media facebook rating is still fairly high compared to other social media . If your business is not using social media or even worse, if you are using social media incorrectly, it can have a direct impact on your potential sales. That’s because the features and functions of the different main social platforms attract specific audiences, doing specific things.
Keeping your profiles optimized and updated will help you to maintain an active social presence in social media. Setting up social media pages with optimized profiles will do you no good, unless you have a plan to follow through.
Since social media will be one of the ways you amplify your content, it deserves a place in other content channels in order to maximize its potential.

If you make the effort to include the social icons, don’t be afraid to ask your readers to use them.
Using these tips to improve your online social presence, you can see results in your social following and content distribution within just one month. In 2013, about 82% b2b marketers used linkedin, it increased to 91% in 2014 and it is forecasted to reach 96% in 2015.
I will be doing a series of study on how you can use content marketing to build your business through Twitter and Linkedin.
She specializes in providing b2b and b2c business owners with practical strategies to Skyrocket engagement and conversion using content marketing. Social media pages are crawled and ranked by search engines just like any other content, so optimizing your accounts is beneficial to your overall rankings. Finally, be sure you review your profile(s) from time to time and update them with new or changed business information. The more people you have sharing a unified voice about your business, the more opportunities you have to be found and heard on social media. Maintaining that presence and reach will depend on your persistence and engagement on the social platforms you choose to focus on.
A business having a blog and developing good relationships with local bloggers may have future positive returns. If not, you can take steps to improve your social media presence in a short period of time. Social media guidelines will be important for most companies whose employees post on the company’s behalf. A strong and active online social presence will help you to amplify your content and share your ideas with the world.

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