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Average Social Media Specialist salaries for job postings in Los Angeles, CA are 7% higher than average Social Media Specialist salaries for job postings nationwide. Admittedly, the volume of traffic is not competitive with other social sites, but marketers can safely assume that users are searching for brands and products they discover on Instagram. Keeping up on the latest social media news, trends, and updates is essential to achieving maximum success for BLASTmedia clients, and to be honest, it is among the most exciting—and at times, exhausting—parts of the job. With a new social media platform or platform update debuting regularly, our job isn’t just knowing what’s new in the social media world; it’s studying how we can—or cannot—leverage what’s new to effectively market our clients.
So, to determine what’s truly hot and what’s not about recent social media headlines, I decided to take the pulse of the BLASTmedia social media team.
Hopefully I’ve so far proven that keeping up on the latest social media news and updates is a big part of what we do as social media specialists, but of course, there’s a lot more to it than that.

A social media campaign can help achieve a variety of company goals and initiatives, from building and sustaining buzz (and driving sales) around a new product to building brand awareness among a specific audience in a specific geo-targeted area.
Some common day-to-day strategies we execute include event or conference social media support, establishing and maintaining a captivating content strategy, and monitoring and fielding customer support questions on all social media platforms.
That too depends on who you ask, but knowing that for certain would make our jobs awfully boring anyway! The BLASTmedia team recently took a day off from the PR and social media grind to give back to our community at Indianapolis’ Gleaner’s Food Bank.
Exercising some of the same teamwork skills we use back at the office to plan and execute integrated PR and social media campaigns for our clients, BLASTmedia took to the assembly line with a goal of compiling 1,500 40-pound supplemental food boxes for elderly folks in the Gleaner’s service area. And while you are working on your strategy, don’t forget the importance of creating social experiences.

Direct messaging, web profiles, video, and advertising were all introduced to the social media platform—oh yeah, and not least of all, Instagram was acquired by Facebook in September 2012 for one billion dollars.
It was also for Facebook hash tags, but the respondent elaborated that it is simply because many Facebook users don’t know about it yet and don’t know how to use it, a sentiment echoed in follow-up discussions with my social media cohorts. Second only to Facebook in terms of average time spent per visit, the user demographic is solidly the under-25 group that marketers love and that Facebook is increasingly losing.

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