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Social Bookmarking Software : I am not going to explain you what is the significance of social Bookmarking sites now a days, we all are aware of this fact how much they are important to attract page ranking a visitors, Even Google is has recognized it’s power, and included it in it’s latest panda algorithm, So how do you bookmark your links on social bookmarking sites. This is a great website where you can submit your url, rest will be taken care by socialmonkee including account creation and submissions. IMAUTOMATOR is a fully automated Social bookmarking software tool where you can submit 10 URLS per day. I have taken utmost care to prepare this list, if I have left some important social Bookmarking software, Please let me inform so that I can update this list. Dear Ali, Right now social monkee is sending this data on C-class social network and these networks had earn bad name for them-self, Thus it is my suggestion to submit your articles manually on social networking sites. It’s not rocket science either, as even in the days preceding social media, those companies who best reached out to and engaged their customers were able to entrench themselves as brands people wanted to embrace. The software is also able to accommodate different sites to post content to, and captchas are automatically resolved for most sites as well.

You need to setup your accounts manually and then you can submit your bookmarks in 21 most popular social bookmarking site.
Submitting your article on social networking site is not enough, it is the peer group that promote you or your article. As data-driven organizations become the new norm, many are beginning to realize they need to keep tabs on their social media presence just as closely as they do their day-to-day operations.
Social media data is big data, and in that, you can also expect companies to mine that data in order to learn more about what their customers and non-customers are saying. Moreso now than ever, customers don’t just buy products, they participate in them, and the driving force behind that is social media. Here are some of the most popular social media bookmarking software which, I have collected to used to bookmark my website links.
You are required to fill up the form on it’s website and select the desired social bookmarking sites .

The main feature of this site is it’s totally free, keeps on updating it’s feature on regular basis, provide real time reporting , can post your links on twitter automatically, ping social media pages, so that search engines can search and discover your links easily,it is just a click of a button.
The next phase of the social revolution is the analysis of social accounts just as companies already do with their streaming business data.
SocialMonkee is also available as a Firefox plugin,To use this plugins you are required to create your account on scoialmonkee first. Social marker is a browser based tool which will allow you to submit bookmarks to 50 social bookmarking sites including the most popular like digg, redditt, stumbleupon , delicious etc.

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