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This feels consistent with the idea that social networking sites disrupted traditional media. To get a better sense of this, it’s helpful to visit some old slogans and descriptions of social networking sites in their earlier days. I’m pretty happy that we did, though, because I feel like thinking hard about all of this has given me a greater sense of awareness and appreciation for what social media is all about, and what marketing in the digital age should be like.

Evan Williams described this as a shift from being a social network to an information network. The simplistic definition that we like is that social media is communications + publishing.
I love how you managed to tie everything into a story, starting with the first social networks and showing how they changed the way we create and consume content.

We were trying to get a really good sense of what social media marketing was all about, and we figured that to do that, we’d have to develop an understanding of social media– and that turned out to be a whole new can of worms.

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