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Today, it’s more about what I like to call “cyber recruiting”—using social media tools for attracting and finding the right person to fill a job. Originally designed as social networking sites, MySpace and Facebook provide a place where individuals could meet, exchange photos, videos, and stories, as well as chat. While social media has many benefits and advantages, it also has its pitfalls—and legal issues—to consider. Look for my next blog that gives Advice to Job Seekers that use Social Media Channels to find employment.
As social media continues to mature; marketers and business executives who have stayed on the sidelines in hopes of safer options are feeling pressured to jump into the pool.
Then, dip your toe in the social media waters by selecting one major platform as a starting point. To ensure your social media initiative succeeds, here are five must-haves, regardless of selection. Ensure everyone in your organization understands what he or she can and can’t do as a representative of your firm with a set of social media guidelines. Like any other business initiative, you must let prospects, customers and the public know about your social media presence. As you prepare to take your first swim in the social media pool, bear in mind that to make your initiative successful, you must have goals, strategies and metrics that are in line with your overall business objectives as well as resources to accomplish them.
For more information on strategic social media solutions, contact Level Marketing – we’re here to help you get the best results from new media.
As social media continue to mature, marketers and business executives who have stayed on the sidelines in hopes of safer options are feeling pressured to jump into the pool.
First, survey the pool to get a sense of where your potential community members are and what they expect from you. Blog that specializes in strategic and tactical marketing know-how for marketing and business professionals through online media.
Great collection of in-depth articles and videos on social media best practices, case studies, and advice from leading experts in the field. Practical, how-to advice and case studies about how to use social media and word of mouth marketing from GasPedal.
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Long gone are the days where company’s would place an advertisement in the classified ad section of their local newspaper’s and wait for the perfect candidate to call and request an interview—although some organizations today feel this is still a very effective recruiting method and often use it in conjunction with other channels.

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter are some of the main social media tools used by today’s forward-thinking organizations and allow recruiters to target the exact skill sets required for often difficult-to- fill positions. The amount of traffic that these social media sites bring has enabled recruiters and HR executives alike to use these tools to search for potential candidates—while promoting their company and leveraging relationships that may turn into placements down the road.
Be sure that you have a good understanding of all the ins and outs of using social networking tools for your recruiting needs—before investing a lot of time and resources. To help you decide which network, here are the pros and cons of the top five social media options. Like the rules at most public swimming pools, you should post your social media guidelines before anyone goes swimming. To accomplish this, use an editorial calendar to ensure you have a constant flow of content. People new to social media marketing don't always understand how it differs from other types of marketing campaigns.
These are products and services that individuals and their families use from groceries to cars. These are products and services used by companies from office supplies to computer software. These are very valid points and are exactly what we tell brands and agencies alike about Social Media. Various social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can help people in finding their new job. Sites such as LinkedIn, Apps on and Facebook allow you to show off your educational details, skills, work history and awards. The big problem lies in signing up with every social media site and quickly growing tired of all the time they are spending on them.
But, there are still lots of smaller companies that are not properly leveraging social media networks, or they may choose to find the best candidate outside of the social media circles.
Your network is a reflection of yourself, and therefore you must be choosy in keeping your network filled with people that you are proud to be in company with. Daily we will gather all the News headlines and summaries based on your selection criteria and deliver them to your inbox in short and clear e-mail process. Social media networks can be used to gain a competitive advantage, and when properly executed, can be one of the most powerful tools a recruiter can use—but don’t rely on it exclusively.
Executives need to understand that social media involvement is not a once in awhile activity.

Most just jump into SocialMedia hoping to get immediate results and abandon it when they fail to see these results.
Many live with the misperception that most social media channels are more for personal use than professional benefit.
Finding jobs, connecting, communicating, and collaborating with successful individuals is a rising phenomenon of online professionals.
The job seekers can then get to know all the professional and personal details of the recruiters, and this information can prove to be helpful during the course of the interview. Many sites aggregate content and making it simple for the job seekers to search for any specific job. Thus, you might not be able to connect to these companies if you use social media for job searches. Like most public swimming pools, you should post your social media guidelines before anyone goes swimming. This includes your website, e-mail newsletters, offline communications such as fliers and direct mail, in-store signage and one-to-one customer interaction such as bills and customer-service notices. There needs to be commitment and proper thought process into the content that goes online in creating the engagement. The face of recruitment is changing and hiring managers are the first ones to peep into the social networking profiles in an effort to locate the best candidate. Your friends and colleagues in your network have their own network and they can pass on your message. There is no such aggregator for social networking sites and thus users face a lot of frustration.
If the commitment to staying active in social media can't be made, I would suggest not even launching until a more opportune time. Make sure you know how to operate social networking technology leveraging it to your advantage. LinkedIn has captured both the status and numbers in the professional and business markets.

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