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The rise of social media is a worldwide phenomenon, and people are using many languages to interact online. The Rosette linguistics platform enables social media monitoring tools to identify language of incoming feeds, analyze sentences for sentiment analysis, extract entities for metadata, and improve search results. Social media content aggregators can offer a more rewarding experience to subscribers with Rosette’s document clustering. With English now making up only about 40 percent of global social media postings, it is becoming increasingly important for our customers to access business and market insights hidden in non-English conversations. ABOUT USBasis Technology provides software solutions for extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured text. Social media monitoring applications can then filter data based on entities in the metadata.

We’ve continued to refine and hone our linguistic software components to meet the new wave of language challenges inherent in social media analysis.
Many applications have been developed to ingest and analyze the data from various social media sources. The number of items in a group can also indicate trending topics and product, or expose incidents of social media spamming. Contact us for a free evaluation of how Rosette can make your social media analysis software internationally ready. We chose Rosette because its accuracy and performance enables us to broaden the global coverage of our technology to discover insights from social media conversations in other languages. Rosette®, a software development kit (SDK), enables these applications to work effectively on text in over 40 of the world’s major languages.

Rosette quickly integrates with social media applications to give developers a head start in analyzing multilingual data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media channels. START YOUR FREE TRIAL About TrackurSince 2007, Trackur has offered affordable social media monitoring tools for individuals, small companies, large corporations & agencies.

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