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All Employers, Job Seekers and even current Employees take advantage of the reach that social media networks provide. About UsEresumex is a company that was set up to provide exclusive access to search a global resume portal for no cost to its users.
The new layout presents Facebook apps like your photo albums, events and the number of people who like your page. Scheduling and maintaining posts updates to a variety of social networks is time-consuming. Creating a simple single pixel frame around the profile image for your Facebook Page can increase its impact.
You include up to 12 apps, but be careful in how you order them, as only the first four will display in the 'quazi menu' that shows when your Facebook Page first loads.
You will want to be sure to monitor your admin panel for private messages, which are new to Facebook Pages.
Experts are hugely divided on this, with some of them thrashing social networking biggies like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare over invading user privacy, and some insisting this is a media gimmick aimed at increasing link hits. Be sure to monitor posts made to your different social media channels, so that you can respond to positive engagement and remove inappropriate or spammy comments.

Before you sign up to use an app on Facebook, you are duly informed about the type of data the app can pull up from your account. A Facebook app from Privacyscore helps users determine relative data security of other Facebook apps, on a scale of 1 to 100.
Let’s get you started.When you create a new profile on Facebook, your settings are turned to public by default. Click on each of these to learn more about privacy on Facebook.Facebook Default SettingsFacebook TimelineTimeline is a new feature introduced last year and is a complete overhaul of your Wall, as you know it. Elements of your life on Facebook and any personal events from your real life you or your friends choose to share appear chronologically on your Timeline. Post Sharing OptionsFacebook Privacy command centerClick the arrow to the top right of your Facebook page. Preview of Privacy Settings in Facebook This will take you to the centralized privacy settings page, which controls everything from who can send you friend requests or look up your Facebook timeline to which posts friends tagged you in can appear on your timeline.
Also, run the app on Privacyscore’s Facebook page to determine its trustworthiness.As mentioned earlier, apps your friends use can also access your data. Select the type of data you are comfortable granting access to.Tie up Loose endsWhen someone searches your name on Google, your Facebook account will most likely show up in the search results.

Note that some users choose to conceal their identity or use a fake identity while posting on such forums.Most users are astounded by how much data Facebook has got on them. To view a complete list of all data Facebook has ever had on you, go to ‘Account settings’ from the dropdown menu on the top right of the Facebook page. Every time you login from an unlisted device, you will receive an e-mail or SMS depending on your settings.You can also view a list of active Facebook sessions under ‘Active Sessions’ on the ‘Security’ page. Security Settings in FacebookAnd, we’re done!Play around with these tips to figure out what privacy settings work best for you. As Facebook continues to innovate, adding new features and functionality, don’t overlook the privacy bit that evolves along with it.

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