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While it still takes time to get things organized, it will make it easier for you to fit your social media schedule in with all the other stuff you have to take care of each day. Good article , it reminds people that social media success doesn’t happen overnight and a clear schedule is the first step toward it. Most important thing a business can do is to be committed to taking the time to creating a social media presence that people want to follow and share. Join our local experts to learn proven marketing techniques for email, social, and mobile audiences. Depending on the role each network plays in your social media plans, you may want to adjust these numbers.

Remember that your goal on social media should be to grow relationships and build an audience for your business. For some businesses, the majority of social media activity will take place during the Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. Once you see how it works with one network, you can start to incorporate all of your activity into your social media schedule. I think if Twitter is going to play an important role in your social media marketing, you will need to post at least 5x per day.
Only thing that would have made it better is to have included a downloadable file (like in Excel) with the info you provided above in grids, so that we could use it as template to plan out our posts and have the demographic info to refer back to.

Each of the social networks offers the ability to download their logos and we did a little design work in Powerpoint to create the final images.

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