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If you have a decent amount of followers on any social media platform you should really check out this website.
While many of us feel comfortable with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, something like Pay Per Post (PPP) and Pay Per Vote blogging would probably make us feel quite uncomfortable and could disturb our sense of social media authenticity.
Because blogs and social media web sites generate a lot of traffic, adopting social media tools has become a magic pill for increasing online rankings and amping up revenues.
A study on online advertising has shown that click performance is the wrong measure of the effectiveness of a brand-building campaign in the long run. We will undoubtedly hear more about notions of Pay Per Post and Pay Per Vote blogging, black market media and social media corruption in the future and it will be interesting to watch how social media communities will respond to these issues.

But still Iā€™d like to think that the recent stories about the negative impact of black market media will discourage bloggers from pursuing short-term results and prompt them to engage their moral compass to sell themselves from a more genuine and holistic position. Adam Tiouririne advises Logos clients on crisis management and strategic communication, coaches executives for high-stakes engagement, and researches language, leadership, and the media.
Keyword research, like any other market research, provides information on the words and language people are using on line to refer to a particular topic and helps bloggers target their posts by using the right keywords. Social media should be approached with authenticity and a well-thought out strategy, but too often companies are looking for the quick fix.
Since social websites like Digg and StumbleUpon currently succeed because members and their stories can be trusted, the Pay Per Vote strategy could cause reputational damage to any author in the long run.

According to Copyblogger, ā€œā€¦ targeting a post at the right keywords can bring you 10,000 visitors, where one that you write off the top of your head might bring you 100.

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