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Music’s infiltration into the social media sphere has led many social networks to rely on the music industry for a large portion of engagement and business. Traditional methods of music engagement might be on the outs, but social media has allowed music to be shared, evaluated, and marketed at the speed of light.
The traditional music business model used to depend on record sales — and record sales alone. Social media and the viral nature of music has made some artists famous before they even release any actual albums. The digitalization of the music industry has also made way for many social networks that revolve completely around music. Social media networks are not only valuable for artists and their fans, they’re also extremely effective for advertisers.
In addition to promoting their music, artists use social media to shape their images and build their brands. Frank Ocean made headlines last year when he took to his Tumblr to write about a relationship he had with another man, utilizing a social platform to reveal a large part of his life that was previously unknown. Social media has also provided musicians with an easy way to land sponsorships and brand partnerships, and an even easier way to actually promote products.
Social platforms have also made it exceptionally easy for musicians to connect with their fan bases directly.
Social media has obviously had massive effects on the music industry, but as with any marketing activity, people are asking to see the numbers. Claire BeDellClaire works in marketing in Chicago and specializes in social media and content creation.

I came across this brilliant pdf report by Virgine Berger about a month ago that sets out a blueprint for your online music marketing and asked her if we could pass it on to you for free. This was very useful for artists trying to get started and the SEO stuff is good for anyone with a music blog or website. Plus you’ll also get the inside line on the latest marketing and promotion methods that we use for our major label clients. Every medium goes through a life cycle and the nature of the internet has accelerated the cycle hugely so that it’s hard to contemplate a world without Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, even though those technologies have been around for just half a decade.
Here at Amp we try to share our experience and knowledge to help you market your music online using tools like Facebook, YouTube, Blogs or Twitter. And not surprisingly, the top five trends of 2011 were all music related, according to Twitter’s head of music industry relations Tatiana Simonian. Many musicians’ social media presences are carefully crafted and curated, and some are managed by agencies and managers.
Artists can offer sneak peeks, photos, exclusive opportunities and sweepstakes to their social media fans.
The Next Big Sound, a New York-based music data and analytics company, recently conducted a study exploring every facet of the effects of social media on record sales. Wikipedia is consistently on the top of the list, which The Next Big Sound believes is attributed to consumers’ need for more information on artists before they invest in their music. Now she works as a music marketer and with more than ten years in the entertainment industry (television channels, radio broadcast industry and digital music industry), she knows her stuff backwards. Inside you’ll get our ten core tips that every DIY and Indie musician needs to follow to create great music, attract fans, build a fanbase, and have a successful career in music.

He is also the owner of Make It In Music, an online site that is the ultimate resource for aspiring musicians offering advice, tips, and insight on all the skills needed by modern artists to succeed in the rapidly changing music industry. The subject was the slowing down of growth in social media based on predictions from (US) researchers eMarketer.
In 2011, Justin Timberlake and Specific Media Group purchased the nearly defunct Myspace for $35 million, and a little over a year later unveiled a new Myspace that almost entirely centered around music.
Music social networks are teeming with ad space, and the prevalence of audio and video media has opened the door to many new and engaging forms of advertising. Using data from the past three years, the study explores causality and correlation of album sales and social media. A new music industry based on 0’s and 1’s (that is, digital distribution) also means a promotion and monetization strategy based on the same. Also in 2011, Foursquare partnered with live music discovery platform SongKick, making it possible for Foursquare users to check in to live events and concerts. Social media ROI has always been a point of contention for many marketers, but more people are starting to realize that numbers don’t do it justice. With the powerful backing of its parent company Google, YouTube was fast-tracked into the major league a long time ago and now represents probably Google’s best entry into the social media sphere that it has been trying unsuccessfully to achieve through failed projects like Wave and Buzz.

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