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As an artist, you’re fully aware of the importance of social media in helping to develop a fan base and expose your music. Social media marketing companies implement various services and strategies to increase an artist’s engagement with their audience and to attract new fans.
Advantages: Many of these services an artist can perform on their own, using social media services such as HootSuite, which allows an artist the ability to manage all of their social media accounts on one site.
Areas of Expertise: A social media company should have expertise in the online world, after all you are paying them to be good at what they do!
Success Rate: The social media company should be successful at increasing online presence or creating “buzz” and attracting an audience for their clients.

Keep in mind that as an artist, you will still need to do your part in providing content to the social media marketing company. This law firm now offers a basic three (3) month social media setup and marketing plan for new and up and coming artists.
A social media marketing company helps to build an artist’s presence by online “word of mouth” of an artist’s activities (for example, Beyonce posting on Tumblr about her Superbowl performance, blogs discussing Keyshia Cole’s shoe collection with Steve Madden, or Taylor Swift instagraming about her new album) or by creating new media content and encouraging fans to share it with their friends on their various social networks.
However, as discussed in the introduction, an artist may not have the time to be consistent so there are many advantages to hiring a social media marketing company. At the end of the day, your social media presence is your bond to your fans and your career.

But even though a social media marketing company offers a service, it may not mean that they are good at it.
Services might also include those implemented by more traditional public relations and marketing companies such as media purchases (ads, posting, tweets, etc.), press releases, and sponsored campaigns.
Plan to spend a minimum of 3 – 6 months using a social media marketing company before seeing tangible results.

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