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The rise of social media is a worldwide phenomenon, and people are using many languages to interact online.
The Rosette linguistics platform enables social media monitoring tools to identify language of incoming feeds, analyze sentences for sentiment analysis, extract entities for metadata, and improve search results. Modern vendors of sentiment analysis ascribe sentiment to entities rather than to documents. Social media content aggregators can offer a more rewarding experience to subscribers with Rosette’s document clustering. The language-aware approach of lemmatization is used by top enterprise and web search engines today. Basis Technology has been the industry choice for multi-language natural language processing, starting with major search engines—including Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Bing, and Oracle Endeca. With English now making up only about 40 percent of global social media postings, it is becoming increasingly important for our customers to access business and market insights hidden in non-English conversations. By Shweta Khare Leave a Comment With all the tweets, posts, and new platforms popping up every three months, social media may appear intimidating.
Now it may be tempting to jump in and sign up for all the profiles at once, but you need to first know the demographic you want to reach. So you have your profiles set up and you know when to post, now you need to know how to engage your “fans” and “followers.” Make a practice of tweeting at (Twitter) or tagging (Facebook) someone when sharing a link, article or anything promoting you or your company.
The important thing to remember when using social media as a marketing tool is to not use it as a marketing tool.
With the explosion of Web 2.0 platforms such as blogs, discussion forums, peer-to-peer networks, and various other types of social media, all of which continue to proliferate across the internet at lightning speed, consumers now have at their disposal a highly effective public platform across which they can share their brand experiences and opinions, positive or negative, regarding any product or service.
As major companies are increasingly coming to realize, these consumer voices can wield enormous influence in shaping the opinions of other consumers—and, ultimately, their brand loyalties and purchase decisions. Last year, only half of all tweets were in English and more than 75% of Facebook users are outside the U.S.

Social media monitoring applications can then filter data based on entities in the metadata.
This method provides a clearer view of what people are saying about brands, products, and their features.
For any language searched, adding linguistic processing at index and query time increases the number of relevant search results with little degradation to precision.
We’ve continued to refine and hone our linguistic software components to meet the new wave of language challenges inherent in social media analysis. Basis Technology allows us to quickly expand the scope of our analysis to the languages our customers demand. We help organizations improve the accuracy of search, text mining, link analysis, fuzzy name matching, and other applications through advanced linguistics.
A great way to figure out the most optimal time for your tweets is by posting tweets through applications like Buffer or Social Media Manager Pro, because they figure out the most impactful time for your tweets for you. Many applications have been developed to ingest and analyze the data from various social media sources. Our language identifier has been tuned for high throughput and accuracy and identifies 55 languages.
Rosette will supply any semantic or sentiment analysis system with accurate and comprehensive entity extraction in the major languages of the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The number of items in a group can also indicate trending topics and product, or expose incidents of social media spamming. Contact us for a free evaluation of how Rosette can make your social media analysis software internationally ready. We chose Rosette because its accuracy and performance enables us to broaden the global coverage of our technology to discover insights from social media conversations in other languages.
Our digital forensics team pioneers faster and cheaper techniques to extract forensic evidence, leveraging the Autopsy open source platform.

The answers to these questions may seem daunting and out of reach, but with these five tips you’ll have a solid social media foundation. When you know your target demographic, take some time to fine-tune your social media voice.
And you are only going to know what works and what doesn’t if you are tracking what kinds of tweets get retweeted and what kind of Facebook posts have the most reach (answer: Facebook posts that use photos). The language identifier is designed to keep up with the Internet’s unprecedented flow of data—blog entries, product reviews, and the Twitter Firehose at over 140 million tweets a day. However with some brilliant analytics tools on the web, analysis on which channels yield best results and how to predict better lead generation or engagement is becoming easier by the day. Rosette quickly integrates with social media applications to give developers a head start in analyzing multilingual data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media channels. Posting and tweeting multiple times a week might seem overwhelming, luckily, there are applications that schedules post for most social media profiles like TweetDeck, Hootsuite and Buffer.
Tumblr should be used if your brand is artistic and your aim is to reach fellow young artists.
Heck, even your Smart TV!Learn More WE’VE EARNED THE TRUST OF 70,000+ AND INDUSTRY EXPERTS NO CREDIT CARD. START YOUR FREE TRIAL About TrackurSince 2007, Trackur has offered affordable social media monitoring tools for individuals, small companies, large corporations & agencies.

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