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But these same managers indicate that measuring the returns is one of their top two challenges for 2012.
Small businesses have reached a tipping point in social media use where only 10% of small businesses surveyed in the Ad-ology 2012 Marketing Forecast said they would not use social media marketing in 2012. Borrell Associates found that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) will double their social media advertising budget in 2012. Awareness Networks found in their State of Social Media Marketing study that 70% of businesses plan to expand their social media presence, while half of marketers intend to improve their social media management practices and tools. Although businesses are increasing their investment in social media, they are more reluctant to put large advertising budgets toward it. Even with people being the primary resource dedicated to social media, most businesses are only employing a small staff for their social efforts, with nearly three-fourths of businesses using 3 or fewer employees. With limited budgets and staffs, it’s no wonder that marketers found resources to be their number-one challenge to their social media efforts. Top challenges faced by social media marketers (reported by all levels within the company). Awareness found that marketers from companies of all sizes, experience levels and positions shared the same struggle in accurately measuring the ROI for social media marketing.
By the end of 2012, Awareness expects four out of five companies will be actively measuring their ROI for social media marketing. This compares similarly to research conducted by Altimeter Group of big brands using social media. Awareness found most businesses know how to track their social presence and traffic, but the confidence declines when measuring lead generations and sales.
A series of white papers from HootSuite on measuring social media ROI, co-authored by Nichole Kelly. An article Nichole Kelly wrote for Social Media Examiner on 8 metrics your business should consider. The survey found that social media clearly helps search results for many businesses, but the largest majority of companies benefit from posting content on their company blog. This survey perhaps clarifies why many businesses are reluctant to invest their advertising dollars on social sites. Insites Consulting conducted some new research with over 400 senior-level marketing managers in the U.S.
Significantly less than half of the enterprises surveyed have fully integrated social media into their business processes (or are even in process of doing so), 43% of U.S. The key observation made by Insites is that firms that have integrated social media into their regular business operations are seeing significantly greater financial results than those that have not.
There were studies done as far back as 2008 that stated quite clearly that Social Media would be the largest builder of trust by 2020. This was a great compilation of interesting and relevant researches on the topic of using social media for marketing purposes.Thank you very much for a great article and amazing insights! We at Potentialpark Communications have been conduting research on this topic for the last 10 years now and I can tell you, the social media is a very useful tool for forging your employer brand.
Now I can see and understand that many companies has been dragged into some hype, and then discovered that Social Media actually required some work. This also sometimes why it puzzles me a little why ROI is the biggest challenge with Social Media. I think that it is important for companies using social media to market keep up with these trends, I think if they do its a great way to make sure that you are getting your companies face to the right people!
Actionable content marketing tip: Be present, engage and respond regularly to participants on social media.

Actionable content marketing tip: At a minimum, include a mobile strategy that includes a tablet-friendly website and a mobile app, since both are used to navigate the web. Consumers seek content marketing at every step of the purchase process, especially for product information, coupons and discounts, how-tos, and styling.
Actionable content marketing tip: Ensure that each piece of content spotlights your product and, where possible, links to your product page on your website. To get your 2013 content marketing plans on track, incorporate these actionable content marketing tips to maximize your ability to achieve your business objectives. Join Over 140,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE!
Just as we have seen in the previous two years, content marketing remains a top priority for marketers going into 2013: 9 out of 10 marketers are using content marketing. Even though marketers are using more tactics, they are still unclear about how effective they are — a trend that is similar to what we saw last year. This year, 87 percent of marketers are using social media to distribute content, as compared to the rate of 74 percent that was reported last year. On average, B2B marketers are spending 33 percent of their marketing budgets on content marketing, which is up from 26 percent last year. This year, we asked marketers to indicate any challenges they had with content marketing, and then select one as their greatest challenge.
It’s understanding about present content marketing going on and then B2B Companies using Content Marketing present.
I needed a favor from you, I was working on a research project to measure the effectiveness of content marketing in India. Several new research studies reveal that marketing managers are under increased pressure to show measurable results from their social media efforts. This compares similarly to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report where we found 88% of marketers also indicated increased exposure to be the number-one benefit of social media marketing. As a result, nearly half of the surveyed marketers are not purposefully measuring their social efforts. They found that a vast majority of brands don’t have a thoughtful social media measurement system in place.
We are a word of mouth marketing company, so most of our new members come from personal invitations.
I am finding the need for reporting and analysis with respect to response from social media activity increasing all the time.
There seems to be a mad rush to adopt as much social media activity as possible but most of that activity lacks purpose and strategy. I’m starting to see a maturing in the industry where people are understanding the strengths and limitations of social media. I think what would make for an ideal follow up is a post on how to make the ROI case for social media. I totally agree that our enamourment with social media is coming to an end (and should have long ago). You should also show them the video we have embedded on the Social Media Success Summit sales page. I also encourage you to see the video we’ve embedded on the Social Media Success Summit sales page.
Somedays you get the impressions that they want the benefits of Social Media, but are not sold on investing in it yet. I find it astonishing that suddenly experts are trying to either redefine social media ROI to suit their purpose, or even ignoring it altogether.

While B2B and B2C marketers have used content marketing for years, it became the must-have element of every 2012 marketing plan, driven by the exponential growth of social media and the disruption of search rankings by Google Penguin and Google Panda. This is a factor fueling the growth of image-driven social media like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.
While you’re reassessing your 2013 plans, ensure that your content marketing, social media, and search optimization efforts are integrated and work together well. As president of Riverside Marketing Strategies, Heidi works with online media companies and e-tailers to increase profitability with innovative marketing programs based on solid analytics.
I have not yet started into social media as I am quite new to the internet, I will be certain to refer to your many articles as I start to incorporate new things to my site promotion.. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs are excited to publish our third annual research results: The 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America, sponsored by Brightcove.
Unlike last year, where articles reigned supreme, social media (excluding blogs) was reported to be the most popular content marketing tactic, with an adoption rate of 87 percent.
Moreover, the majority (54 percent) say they will increase their content marketing spending in the next 12 months.
Founder of the Content Marketing Institute , Joe evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles, tweets and his books, including best-selling Epic Content Marketing (McGraw-Hill) and the new book, Content Inc.
Some times it is challenging to manage several social media sites without a consolidated platform. The trend that prospective clients we talk to now is to automate how their content is grabbed from their CMS, blog, etc. I have recently started working on Content Marketing and your work has been very helpful to me. As you point out, the effective content marketers are using as many as 6-7 social media channels for distribution and amplification of their content (which might be tactics such as whitepapers, videos, etc). They learned some fascinating things about social media adoption rates, but here we focus on their integration findings. Biggest take away for me was, if you’re not using social media as a business, you should consider it, because either your competitors are using it already or they will be soon. Research shows that over 70 percent of companies don’t respond to prospects on social media.
They include social media, social commerce, couch commerce, mobile commerce, and show-rooming. During the course of 20 years, Heidi has obtained deep experience in direct and digital marketing across a broad array of products including soft goods, financial services, entertainment, media entities and crafts-oriented goods. Thus it seems that social media shouldn’t then be viewed as a distinct content tactic, unless something is meant other than channel distribution. Your task is helping your clients see the word of mouth potential in social media and how that helps their business–often for a fraction of the cost.
Natalie Petouhoff , whom I had the pleasure of interviewing, recently came out with a White Paper for Radian6 on how to show ROI with social media objectives I encourage others to check out. But social does emphasize the importance of cultivating longterm relationships with customers. What would be interesting is to trend also terms as marketing insight, customer analytics, or web analytics.

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