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In this article I’ll show you easy Twitter marketing ideas you can put to use right away. Most users think that if they type several keywords in the search box, Twitter will search for any tweets that contain any of those terms.
A quick way to grow your Twitter community is to notify people that you’ve added them to a list.
Creating and sharing lists positions you as an authority in your field and grows your Twitter community as people begin to trust you to curate the information they seek. Twitter conducted a study of over 2 million tweets and found that including a photo can boost retweets by up to 35% and adding a video can result in a 28% boost.
Twitter is also integrated with video-sharing sites such as Vine (owned by Twitter) and YouTube—both of which help you make the most of visual content to communicate your message.
With so many options available, it’s silly not to add a video or image to your tweets to enhance your marketing message. For instance, some companies automatically favorite tweets that mention them (or a specific hashtag) without actually reading the tweet first.
Plus, a limited audience can work in your favor if you’re managing customer service on Twitter.

Until recently, if you wanted to measure the reach of your tweets, you had to use third-party tools or invest in Twitter ads. Twitter’s analytics data can tell you the best type of tweets to send, the best wording to use and even the most effective time of day to send them. As social media marketers, we’re always learning new ways to use social platforms, including Twitter.
If your Twitter account needs a boost, shake things up and make the most of every feature available in your Twitter toolkit—even the most basic ones.
Beth is Marketing Manager at Twilert, a Twitter monitoring tool that sends you realtime alerts when your keywords are mentioned on Twitter. Thanks Jeniece, completely agree with you – when used in the right way, Twitter Search is one of the most underused tools out there and can really help to drive engagement. The basic function of a Twitter list is to group people together based on a similar function, characteristic or interest. Those users may then reply or retweet as a thank-you for sharing their profile with your followers and list subscribers.
GIFs can be viewed on the Twitter website, iPhone and Android, but not on tablets or through clients like TweetDeck.

But with the new Twitter analytics feature, everyone can measure engagement within Twitter itself.
This does seem excessive, but your card won’t be charged unless you make a Twitter ads purchase. Test headlines and formats and before you know it, you’ll find the magic tweet formula that resonates best with your target audience. I don’t use twitter as much as facebook, because it can be hard to read but if people followed these pointers it would be better for all.
Twitter only searches for tweets that contain ALL of those search terms, as if there is an invisible and inserted between your keywords. Revisiting Twitter’s basic features and analyzing how you use them on a daily basis can give you new perspective and take your Twitter marketing efforts up a notch. If it still isn’t working, I would suggest contacting Twitter directly although hopefully they have ironed out any teething bugs with the GIFs now!

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