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Average Social Media Marketing Position salaries for job postings in Westbury, NY are 41% higher than average Social Media Marketing Position salaries for job postings nationwide. Destination and resort marketers are investing in social media and web content strategies, but seem to be forgetting the importance of a relevant and differentiated brand position, according to the Travel Marketing Trends Report 2011.
Fully three-quarters of all travel marketers in our sample conducted social media activity in the last two weeks. Just under 30% of respondents are using positioning statements and mood boards to maintain their brand consistency, and are probably benefitting greatly from it. Read more of Wanderlust Travel Marketing Trends Report 2011 in the Wanderlust Report, Volume 3, Number 2. Wanderlust provides marketing and branding expertise to destinations, resorts and tourism attractions. Inbound marketing is a powerful strategy and has become the go-to tactic for many brands because of its low cost and high returns – especially when it’s compared to outbound marketing efforts. This preference for broader marketing skills was reinforced when we looked at the 20 most common job titles for the six keywords. Our data indicate that some skills are more popular than others, particularly social media. Social media is mentioned in about 112 percent more profiles than SEO, the second most popular keyword. Although SEO saw the least amount of growth, it was still found in nearly 155 percent more LinkedIn profiles than content marketing. Note that the prevalence of social media skills could be explained because it’s simply become an expected skill set for a lot of roles, even those unrelated to marketing.
Once again, social media is winning the popularity contest: Job listings containing “social media marketing” or “social media management” have grown significantly – a roughly 130 percent increase in this year alone.

Digital marketing job listings – specifically those mentioning “digital marketing” or “inbound marketing” – have also seen substantial growth as well.
And although “content marketing” and “content strategy” make up less than 0.1 percent of job listings, mentions have increased roughly 350 percent over four years.
For example, while the actual volume of job titles containing the word SEO has decreased, it is the highest-paid job title, averaging more than $100,000 annually – nearly 70 percent more than a position focused on the more popular concentration of social media.
Massachusetts took the top spot for four specializations – content marketing, Google Analytics, SEO, and digital marketing. Companies need marketers who understand that a broad skill set matters; generating and converting the most leads depends on your team’s ability to draw on a more refined understanding of something like SEO and content marketing and connect it to the larger picture.
We found it remarkable that 23% of travel marketers surveyed went through the positioning process but don't follow through with monitoring their brand's execution against that position.
We help them uncover what will drive people to choose their destination above others and build integrated marketing programs to attract them — using mobile, the internet, social networks, direct marketing and mass media. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that employment for marketing managers will grow by 13 percent between 2012 and 2022. Companies have a preference for T-marketers, particularly those who specialize in social media. The top four positions – digital marketing manager, marketing manager, digital marketing specialist, and marketing coordinator – were again all-encompassing roles. Marketing professionals should cultivate a general understanding of the six key areas while developing a more thorough understanding of one or two specialties.
Although content marketing grew the most in the last two years – more than 165 percent – social media is mentioned in more than two million profiles. For example, when we looked at the most common job title for “social media marketing,” our search returned an HR role – recruiter.

The number of job listings that include “SEO” peaked in 2011 and decreased more than 50 percent by January 2015, even though its current mentions outnumber “content marketing” and “content strategy” by more than 90 percent. Our research exposed the highest concentrations in Massachusetts and New York – both states took the top two spots for digital marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, and content marketing jobs.
Remember that brands are looking to create a T-shaped team within their marketing department in order to optimize their efforts. Of course, our assessment can’t report on the investment in these efforts, or the return on that investment, but clearly, travel marketers are engaged in the social realm and exploiting it to advance their marketing agendas. And almost 47%, nearly half, of the assessment participants haven't even bothered to define a competitive position.
In order to gain a better understanding of the current landscape of digital marketing careers, Fractl teamed with Moz to produce “The Inbound Economy” report.
Second was the more general “digital marketing” – found in less than 20 percent of job listings.
However, even when it’s simply mentioned in a job listing, it can earn employees $76,000 annually – 22 percent more than content marketing roles.
We analyzed more than 75,000 job listings, revealing on-the-rise marketing skills as well as the states that have the highest concentration of inbound marketing positions.

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