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Paul Sims, a regular reader and participant in many discussions about SEO mentioned to me that he would like to learn more about how SEO, PPC and Social could work together to grow a business, when I put him on the spot and asked what he would like to read about on Website Magazine this week. About now I am sure a few of you are wondering why the owner of an SEO company is recommending you use PPC and Social Media. So, when you are setting up a campaign for yourself or you are looking to hire an online marketing firm to setup and manage your campaign, you should look for the one that can show you the options and help you setup a campaign that will get the most targeted traffic to your website.

Author Bio: Travis Bliffen is the founder of Stellar SEO, a search marketing and design agency located near St. Louis, MO are the same as average Director Marketing Social Media salaries for job postings nationwide. SEO for wedding photographers and marketing for wedding photographers both had a volume and suggested bids so we chose them.

If you are looking to brush up on your organic social media marketing skills, you should take a minute to read the Social Media section on Website Magazine.

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