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Especially if you have limited time and resources, don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to maintain an active presence on every single social media site. Social media can be time consuming, so the automation of your updates is, of course, appealing. We've talked about how automating all your social media updates is never a good idea, but we also said it's okay to automate some of your content sharing.
Social media is a way for you to communicate with your audience, which means it not only needs to be your voice, but the content of the conversations you’re having need to also be based on your expertise in the industry. Social media gives you the opportunity to share a bit more personality than your website may allow. In the first days of social media there were very few benchmarks to separate the truly skilled from those who just enjoyed posting memes on Facebook. Even if you have a team of copywriters working for your company, each social update needs to be tailored for the individual network. When we run Social Media audits for our potential clients around 85% of them are missing out on this very important opportunity. Some companies still feel as though the position of Social Media Manager is an entry level gig. In this article I am going to share with you the 20 Steps on how you too can become a Master Guru of Social Media! One of the most important tips for any social media guru to learn is the art of automation. Sure, some less experienced social media people use some of these techniques, but to be a true Social Media Guru, you must practice them all- all the time.
To be particularly effective you should learn to use features that don’t exist in at least one of the social networks. Some inexperienced social media people regularly post links from their blog or website, or even recommend people check out something new.
All Gurus are stats addicts- always chasing to increase their scores- checking them multiple times per day.
Forget web standards and in fact think about the sanity of your website visitors- a true Social Media Guru needs to Bling up their website.
Social Media, SEO and digital marketing are all dark arts- ones that require years of training in research from the University of Middle Earth.
Ian is a digital marketer, social media consultant, web developer & Partner of Select Performers. Just because most people believe those two statements does not mean that social media gurus, inbound marketers, and online experts have to be that way. It’s an Art: This is marketing and you are asking people to do things like click something or like something. I attended a webinar this morning by Seth Godin, and someone asked him about how to convince people who don’t understand social media or inbound marketing to try it. We’re here to share some of the worst pieces of social media advice we've seen to debunk all those misguided "best practices" and steer you in the right direction toward social media marketing truth and justice. Research and learn about the makeup of the audience that populates each social network so you can figure out where you should focus. But the tough reality of social media is that it's all about people talking with people, and people can easily see through crap.

Yes, more content is better because it gives you more valuable social media fodder, but you need to make sure all that content is high quality; otherwise, people will see straight through the crap. But there's an exception to that rule, because you should never publish one message and send it out to all your different social networks at once.
Some inexperienced people in the social media world choose to manually craft their social media updates or perhaps selectively automate certain tasks. I’ll come on to some more website power tips in a bit, but to be a true guru you should use some cool retro techniques for your website. A true Social Media Guru doesn’t stop there- you must learn to have a presence on all social networks and master them. Anyone with a Google Search Engine and some time can learn what you know about social media. Even the true social media experts sometimes share some misguided advice based on their beliefs and experiences. Social media didn't make email marketing extinct; it just added another integrated channel to make email even stronger.
In fact, it's just another case of two marketing strategies working better when they're together.
Sending auto DMs not only seems inconsiderate, but it also makes you look like a complete newbie who doesn’t understand social media etiquette. In fact, we've seen instances of social media outsourcing (combined with automation, not less!) go terribly wrong for some businesses.
To be a true Guru, you must learn to automate every social media task at least where possible.
Of course you need to treat such inexperienced advice with the contempt it deserves- of course all social networks are the same!
Remember, it’s not enough to do this occasionally- you must ooze your importance in every social media update! As a Guru, you know that data is just a collection of 1s and 0s, so the quality of the content on your blog or social networks is not very important. Retweeting gives a feigned impression that you are vaguely interested in what someone else has to say, but do this effectively as a Guru you need to learn the Guru Retweeting Guidelines. Technically the LinkedIn terms and conditions state that you should only send and accept connection requests from people you know, but social network terms and conditions are there to be broken! And as new social networks pop up (as they do all the time), feel free to experiment with them, but be ready to let them go if they don’t work for you, and let your analytics be your guide. Remember: One of the first steps in signing up for a social media account is usually to provide your email address.
Social media posts now show in search results, social media engagement influences search rankings, and SEO can drive more people to your social profiles and posts.
If the stats aren't enough to convince you, try out any social network's advertising targeting platforms (you can often go through the targeting process without launching an ad and spending money) to see how many people on each site actually fit into your target market. Not only does this look automated, but you should also consider that different social media sites favor different types and frequencies of content. In fact, our internship program at HubSpot has found and nurtured some amazing talent that we’ve brought on to the team full time to manage our social media presence. Show the personality behind your brand and people to make your social media marketing more lovable so people naturally want to connect and engage with you.

The fact that hashtags and screen names make no sense in LinkedIn shouldn’t put you off- remember, to shine forth your inner Guru, you need to impress your followers and connections with all the latest techniques.
To be an effective Social Media Guru Master, you must use hashtags all the time, for no reason other than because, well, it looks cool and everyone else is doing it. Of course you should buy followers on Twitter, likes on Facebook- and in fact all your social networks! Part of our responsibility is to educate people about online marketing and to give them value for their investment.
Those who think social media is some vague type of voodoo will never have reasonable expectations.
At HubSpot, we’ve tried pretty much every social network that’s popped up, but some have fallen by the wayside, and we’ve focused our efforts on the networks that continue to generate results for our marketing. Yes, you should want to focus your social media marketing efforts, but at the same time, no single social media site is the Holy Grail. Once again, social media is an additional channel -- not one that replaces existing efforts like SEO. On top of that, there are reasons to get involved in social media aside from communicating with potential or current customers or expanding the reach of your content. The point we're trying to make here is that social media is not just some throw-away marketing strategy; it’s a public face of the company.
It’s important to cross post to all your social networks at once including Twitter, LinkedIn (your profile, groups and company pages), Google+ (profile and pages). Some social media people use hashtags to help with search, Twitter chats or to assign a tag or category. You should NEVER share your social media secrets with others on a blog- otherwise you’ll lose everything you have. It might slow down your site a bit, but you’ll stun your website visitors with your amazing Guru Techniques! The fact is, you’ve built up your network to Guru status and your connections will be in awe of the people in your 1st level connections list.
Some social media people suggest that admitting mistakes can create transparency and build trust, but this rule does not apply to Social Media Gurus. Do it now- you’ll soon be able to show off your social stats with your head held high! You could use a social media management tool with a funky URL shortener to make the Facebook post look really cool. Use pop ups, flash banners, splash screens and huge numbers of social plugins (I mean it!) Just remember- pack it all in- leave professional design to the boring corporate types. Tshh, give me 100,000 automated spam bot followers on Twitter any day- it’s the making of the inner guru in you!

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