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Average Social Media Marketing Specialist salaries for job postings in Baltimore, MD are 5% higher than average Social Media Marketing Specialist salaries for job postings nationwide. The authors of this ebook are freelance writers who kind of fell into social media marketing. An inside secret: More and more companies are looking for freelance writers to not only produce content, but to integrate into their social media platforms as well.
In our study of the fastest growing job searches in the US last year, “digital marketing” topped the list—candidates searched for these jobs 30% more in 2014 than they did in 2013. These terms were chosen because searching for these keywords on Indeed will result in a list of marketing-focused roles. The marketing industry has changed rapidly, with new technologies and audience engagement tactics emerging every day.
Job seekers are smart to look in those cities—they have the largest number of job postings for marketing roles.

These hierarchies suggest that postings calling for social media skills are considered more entry level while the analytical marketing skills are thought of as more senior. The second piece of salary analysis looked at the pay rates associated with keywords that appeared anywhere in the job posting, including the job description and the job title as opposed to the job title alone.
So if you are a creative freelancer in any of the niches mentioned, and want to add social media marketing and account management to your list of services, you’ll find everything you need in this ebook to start doing so successfully. As a freelance writer, to remain competitive, integrating social media marketing into your list of services is not only smart, it’s almost necessary. As our SVP of Marketing Paul D’Arcy has said before, “The days of marketing being about just creativity are over. Our own analysis has shown that even though employers all over the country are hiring for these types of marketing positions, job seekers are most interested in a few locations, with New York City and San Francisco seeing the most growth in job searches for digital marketing.
From this lens, “SEO” remained high on the list but dropped down to $76,000 and was tied with “Google Analytics” at that average salary.

For example, when social media skills aren’t only listed in the job title, the average salary for those positions rises. This analysis revealed that job titles containing “SEO” had an average salary of $102,000 nationwide. Conversely, marketing generalists with SEO skills might be slightly less valuable than an SEO specialist who has that skill in their job title. NONE of them were making less than $150 per hour for social media consulting and the average rate was around $300.00 per hour.

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