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360 offers the most reliable and professional social media marketing services available in India, London, Lancaster, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Scotland, Birmingham, Leeds, Paris, Bangkok, Beijing, Cairo, Kolkata, Delhi, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York, Mumbai, Tokyo, Shanghai.
360 Social media marketing companies that is dedicated to providing a vast range of cost effective and expert social media marketing services to businesses in their local areas to help them grow their online presence and visibility to potential prospects.
Do social media marketing with 360 WP is an Investment in your business not an expense, remember you only get out what you put in. In today’s economy, that 6% gap can represent the difference between failure and success, growth and stagnation, but the cost of that much advertising can also represent the difference between solvency and insolvency. About GSMGolden State Marketing was founded in April, 2014 as a full-service online marketing company, providing search engine optimization, social media management and professional web design services to Bay Area businesses. Since then, GSM has become one of the fastest growing marketing companies in the Bay Area and has been able to successfully increase wen traffic and revenue for numerous companies. As Internet search engines and social media play an ever-increasing role in social interactions and marketing, dental practices can no longer rely solely on traditional forms of advertising and market communications to connect with their patients. Get connected -- Social media is about conversations, community, connecting with other people, and building genuine relationships. Listen and respond -- Social media not only allows you to hear what people are saying about your business; it also enables you to respond. Make it worth saying -- Always be interesting, useful, current, and engaging with your social media dialogue. Using online social media marketing allows you to spend time effectively forging genuine relationships with an extensive range of potential patients.
This role is filled by virtual platforms such as blogs, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and Yelp, podcasts, and rating and social bookmarking sites, all of which provide convenient methods for genuine contact. Dentists who have already embraced social media are increasingly experiencing the impact that social networks have on their practice growth and success.

In a recent study conducted by Sesame Communications, a panel of 88 dentists were asked about their social media usage and business experience. The study also asked participants why they chose to use social media channels for their practices. The vast majority of practices (78%) found that social media offered an effective and efficient way to communicate with their patients. Various types of information are communicated by dental practices via social networks, including before-and-after photos, patient appreciation, patient testimonials, contests, community and office events, and office information and forms. Small Business Administration recommends that small businesses spend at least 7-8% of their gross revenues on online marketing, most such businesses can only afford to spend 2-3%. As a result, many business owners feel hopelessly trapped by the present situation; unable to advertise their services effectively to compensate for a shrinking customer base without spending money they can’t really afford.
Other businesses have chosen to diversify their marketing efforts by dabbling a bit in every field: Internet, print, radio, telemarketing and TV. Social media, newsletters, email campaigns, blogs, and simple website design can generate revenue and are free avenues of advertising available to anyone. When crafting a multi-media marketing strategy, I usually view the relative values of each approach based upon a sliding scale that correlates directly to ROI. Make no mistake, content marketing will be the dominant form of advertising going forward, and it is important to get in on it as early as possible. Traditional directories, fliers, and print ads have become secondary to online marketing efforts for one very simple reason -- Your patients are already online and you must go where the customers are to engage them. Word-of-mouth marketing is also valued within social media, as the personal touch characterizing these communications adds an additional layer of credibility.
Not only is social media an effective and credible channel to reach patients, online marketing actually costs 62% less than traditional methods of marketing, making it even more valuable to your practice.

In a 2012 national survey by Sesame Communications, when asked how important social networks were in being engaged with patients on a scale of 1 to 5, respondents scored a mean of 3.78 in their assessment of importance.
Further, 49% of dental professionals used social media because they believed their competitors were already online.
Also, more than 94% of practices educate patients about their dental health via social networking. He is a sought-after educator in digital marketing methods and operational practice management.
Although a good advertising strategy will vary naturally based upon the industry and the target audience, content marketing stands alone as the most cost-effective approach to consumer advertising for the foreseeable future. With an effective social media strategy, your dental practice can connect with people in ways you may not have ever considered.
A staggering 96% of the panel acknowledged using social media as a vehicle to market their practice. Those costs are expected to go up through the end of the year, reflecting a pattern that represents a serious problem for many cash-strapped businesses. In addition, 96% of the panel acknowledged using social media as a means of acquiring new patients for their practice.

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