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Steve has guided me through creating LinkedIn Ad Campaigns and Sponsored Content Campaigns and Jen has taught me how to maintain Pardot (our marketing platform) lists and track all the new leads for the AfterCollege business.
I was attracted to the Online Marketing aspect of the job description because that was one of the industries I was looking to get started in. With the General Management concentration, I took courses in all areas of business which included Finance, Marketing, Accounting, IT, Business Management, and International Business. I had taken classes in all areas of business and I still was unsure of what I wanted to pursue for myself.

Applying to the social media marketing position at AfterCollege meant that Austin had to do things that he’d never done before. We caught up with Austin to learn about his job search, his current position, and his advice for other recent grads looking to find their place in the working world. Although I did take courses in marketing, it was over two years ago and online marketing was not yet being taught in-depth to students.
Austin was uncertain of what he wanted to do, and was frustrated by feeling like he didn’t have enough experience to find a job right away.

I did gain knowledge of general marketing concepts, but those lessons do not completely fall in line with the work I have done here at AfterCollege.

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