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His blog features information on various tech tools and resources that you can use to make the most out of your social media marketing efforts. This article actually helped myself a lot, I got a chance to review all the marketing, SEO related, blogging, making money online blogs and review which ones I will follow from now on. I can also explain why I created so mixed list with so different niche blogs in case you’re curious. You should read related blogs, communicate with people interested in similar topics and you never should stop learning! Site is maintained by Glen Allsop and he maintains one of my favorite blogs ViperChill, he does very interesting studies about SEO, internet marketing, how to build links and back links and a lot more. Michael Dunlop does a lot of interesting interviews with popular entrepreneurs as well as cool roundups for top blog sales, most influential people in blogging, top young entrepreneurs etc. Many people don't know this, but Yaro Starak Blog Profits Blueprint guide was my first blogging manifesto I listened like 100 times when I started with 1stWebDesigner. Website maintained by Brian Clark, while website is about online marketing, I consider this blog as home for copywriting. TopRank Online Marketing is a digital marketing agency that helps companies increase sales, brand visibility online and develop better customer engagement.
Great insights into blogging, marketing, a lot of inspiring reading there – he has very unique view in his articles. Chris Garrett is an internet marketing and online business consultant, blogging and social media coach, new media industry commentator, writer, speaker, trainer and all-round web geek.
I just found this blog, but it immediately grabbed my attention with its unique articles and useful advice about blogging, productivity, social media and search engine optimization.
Mixergy is place where you can get inspired, encouraged in your online business ventures, this blog will show how and why other popular people gained their success by listening their stories in interviews. Gideon in his video blog will show how to grow your business using online video, how to get traffic to these videos, how to do SEO for videos and dominate you niche using online video marketing.

Oh, this will be fun for you – readers suggest interesting niche ideas for Spencer and he tries them for 90 days showing his successes or losses on his blog!
This blog is maintained by Tamar Weinberg, social media strategist with more than fifteen years of experience. Whenever I find myself in any social media related problems or questions, I always visit this site for reference, inspiration and tips, how to do tasks better than I do currently!
Jay is very popular social media consultant and You have a chance to learn from his knowledge on his blog from his extraordinary articles. Dan Zarrella is the award-winning social media scientist at HubSpot and author of two O’Reilly Media books. Good blog to follow if you want to know latest buzz and gossip about everything that happens in social media world, these articles will help you understand this changing online world much better than just plain news sites. On his blog you'll get a lot of short, smart articles about latest happenings and news in SEO industry. Search Engine Journal helps companies improve their interactive marketing, and helps marketers to succeed in a challenging career. Oh my, of course Seth is on the list, I think his blog and name doesn't need any introduction, he has written a lot of books, has huge experience in online business world, he created Squidoo, and if you want to know more about him, just check out him onWikipedia.
I’m kinda proud of me that I already followed a couple of the blogs of your list ;) but believe me, I going to follow from know each of the blogs you listed here! Leave your email below and get my list of 15 amazing tools that supercharge your Twitter Marketing and save your time! We used the SEO/SEM Metrics of Alexa vs Similar Web comparing 1) Total Visits 2) Duration 3) Page Views 4) Bounce Rate and 6 other Categories used to Rate a Social Media Marketing Blog.
As I said I am also creating the list for myself and I consider all of these blog topics related. And if you’re passionate about these topics, reading, learning, evolving your blogging business will come easy to you!

On their blog however they offer a lot of advice about social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization.
He has been involved in several startups and has written for some of the web’s best-loved blogs. He has great niche focus and that's why I come to read his blog once in a while to get this video related advice.
She has spoken to a lot of speaking engagements and on her blog she writes in depth articles about social media, marketing and blogging!
This blog will keep you busy for a long time if you are passionate about social media and marketing topics – a lot of great and up-to-date advice as well as comprehensive reports can be found there! And her blog over time has grown to be really high quality source for everything social media related. You can expect here several articles per day about all what is related with search marketing and search news.
But of course, that's not it, you'll get a lot of SEO advice, content marketing, internet marketing tips here!
I found here several great tools for social media management, however a lot of articles are targeted to company building, which I am not so familiar with. Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! I even bought his mastermind course and it also proved to be very valuable in early days, one blog you should't avoid!

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