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In a previous post about the cost of living in Australia, one of my readers, Shawn, suggested that the true cost of living could only be calculated after comparing average wages between the two countries. The Australian incomes were taken from an employment website and based on data from advertised jobs and claims, therefore, to be current. Estate Agents were listed as having an average salary of $125,427 in Australia & just ?29,544 in the UK. Despite that, with the pound tumbling faster than a drunkard falling down a downward moving escalator, the differences between the two countries for average salaries is currently huge. It is probably a more accurate figure to look at the average salaries across all occupations which are listed as a $62,270 in Australia according to The Australian Bureau of Statistics and ?25,331 according to Government Statistic UK. But I think we can safely conclude from the above exercise that salaries and wages here in Australia are greater than those in the UK. But with these findings I think we can now all agree that if something appears to cost the same or cheaper here in Australia, it really is. About meI'm BobinOz and I moved to Australia in November 2007 after living in England for a very long time.

Power bills, fruit and veg, petrol and other daily living expenses may be rising, but not that of the average Australian meeting and event manager, according to the latest salary survey by Event Recruitment. The annual salary survey conducted by Event Recruitment, with more than 1300 respondents, has found that in 2012 the base salaries of event managers ($75,000 per annum), conference managers ($74,000), exhibition managers ($74,000), and venue managers ($65,000) remained unchanged from 2011. At the top of the line, event producers saw a 3.5 per cent base salary increase from $85,000 per annum to $88,000 per annum.
Event Recruitment’s John Hackett says the salary increases at the lower levels and the more senior levels are probably a flow-on from the GFC back in 2009 where redundancies and recruitment freezes were high. Mr Hackett agrees that event graduate salaries are low compared to other professions which he believes is due to the popularity of event management as a vocation.
At the top end – event producers and business development managers – he says there has been talk of a skills shortage. Event producer (five years + experience in event management and skilled in the design and production of events) – Creative concept development and implementation of events, preparation and presentation of client tender and pitch documents, leading teams of designers, technicians, suppliers, entertainers, audio-visual production personnel and event staff, account management and client liaison, venue and catering liaison, budgetary management, financial analysis, risk assessment and management, project evaluation. Event Recruitment makes the complete survey available to business owners or managers of event staff.

Once again, apologies to any of my readers who are not from the UK, but I hope you can at least use the information about Australian average salaries to compare them to those currently available where you live.
He says because of this lower salaries are often maintained throughout an event graduate’s career if they remain in an event specialist role within a small business. Firstly, for BDMs the salary we quote is a base salary and they may in fact be getting a greater overall package increase through more attractive performance bonus arrangements being offered. My guess was the Australian one was based on achieving some kind of massive sales target to get the extra commission.

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