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Whether you’re a seasoned executive, looking to transition into a new role, or just out of college trying to start your career – LinkedIn is going to be your most valuable resource in the job search process.
If you’re currently in the job searching process- I’m sure that most of you are finding that applying to jobs through indeed, monster, or on a company website rarely gets you anywhere.
In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using LinkedIn for the job search process. These Linkedin tips will help you create a personal brand, increase your visibility, gain access to decision makers and hopefully help you land that dream job. This might be the most essential step to getting a job- and the one where most people fail. Use this section to create a descriptive summary of what you’ve done in your work experience that makes you a valuable candidate for the job you’re going after. Skills that you would want to your profile might be: Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, New Media, etc. It’s important to tailor your job title and job description to closely relate to the job you’re applying for (without lying of course). Now that you have your profile completely filled out and you have a goal of the type of job you’re looking for, the next step would be to utilize your network on LinkedIn to get access to jobs that are under the radar. I am looking for an Account Manager or Business Development role for a Start-up in San Francisco.
Now that you have your list of contacts filtered by location- craft a message to your contacts that explains the exact job you’re looking for.
After utilizing your network to get access to the jobs that few others have access to- your next best bet is to use LinkedIn job search tool.
For this example I clicked in to the Social Media Manager position at Internet Marketing Inc. After submitting your application along with your resume- I’d recommend purchasing an inmail to send to the hiring manager (or if you have a premium account using an inmail credit) and then sending a message with more information about yourself so that you have a better chance of being reviewed by the person hiring. Well now hopefully you have some new ideas and some action items to help you land your dream job. When hiring someone to be in charge of your company’s social media presence, there are things that you can teach, and things you can’t. In this post I’m going to show you the same step-by-step process we use at Biquitous to attract the very best talent that will completely eliminate your frustration with finding and hiring the right social media manager for your company. Before this process begins, you need to first understand the fundamental issue that speaks to the essence of not only what social media is, but the core of every single person working for your organization. What we have learned in our time hiring, training and utilizing various social media managers is that there are traits that certain positions must have that are naturally hard-wired only within certain people.
From a fundamental level, it’s probably not wise for your introverted CFO, your tech-averse product manager, or someone on your outside sales team, to be the face of your social media presence if it’s simply not in their DNA.

Sometimes finding a great social media manager is a matter of looking for, and reaching out to, your most passionate advocates – seriously! Don’t think that quickly slapping together a job posting will bring hoards of amazing candidates to you – especially if you are a small company! Sure Google, Facebook, Apple or other large companies can get away with that sort of thing and still attract high-end talent, but if you happen not to be a Fortune 1000 company, then you’ve got to sell the benefits of working for your organization to a hot, prospective social media rock star that doesn’t want to work for Google, Facebook or Apple!
I say “fun” facetiously because no matter what, you’re likely going to get bombarded by a lot of pure “job” seekers and those that didn’t read the position description and are clearly neither qualified, nor appropriate for the position.
There are 2 phases to the pre-screening process to help you weed out unqualified candidates – assuming you’ve already taken at least 1-2 hours to carefully craft an enticing and thorough social media manager description. What you do is ask for a specific subject line that cannot be guessed and is completely unrelated to the job opening. Show me 3 social media campaigns you’ve worked on and explain what results you achieved for each – not the WORK you did, but RESULTS you achieved.
Now let’s take that one step further with a preliminary phone screen and task list to make finding your ideal social media expert even easier. Finally, these tasks should also show the candidate’s ability to problem solve without being told how to do something – a very important skill to have in the rapidly changing world of social media! In the world of social media you sometimes need to accomplish tasks on the fly and nobody will be there to show you how to do them.
By this point you’ve successfully narrowed your search for the ideal social media manager to only the very best, brightest and hungriest candidates that see working for you as a great opportunity, not just a job. Tip: If your candidate works remotely, sometimes an in-person interview is not possible, or entirely necessary – especially for a social media position. By now you know exactly whom you want – a rock star social media manager will emerge – and all you have to do is pull the trigger. Social media manager is the most common (and searched for) description for what you probably need, but other titles exist like “social media specialist”.
Finding and hiring an amazing social media manager isn’t as difficult as it sounds if you’ve got a sound, repeatable strategy in place to ensure that you only attract the right candidates.
By using this system you will now ensure a much higher accuracy in finding the absolute best social media managers looking for their opportunity to shine. Knowing the difference is the key to locking up an amazing, talented, passionate and devoted person who will live and breathe your company’s social media presence.
Searching For Free Social Media Manager Cover Letter Examples, Word Format Social Media Manager Job Covering Letter, Finding How to Insert or Format Your Social Media Manager Duties in a Simple or Good Cover Letter, Looking For Cover Letter Sample For Social Media Manager Vacant Job Position. I'm interested in - Social Media Manager - position advertised on June 13, 2014; My resume is enclosed for your review.
Directs coordinates operational, management, & supportive services of associate post offices within district area known as sectional center.

I found my last job through LinkedIn and have helped many friends and colleagues do the same.
Nowadays, most companies want a specialist, so step one is to figure out exactly what job title your dream job is and focus your entire profile around it.
The second example uses a more descriptive headline (usually better for more experienced professionals). I recently just did this when I was looking for a job- so I’ll give you the exact process I used.
If you’re proactive and you reach out to the person listing the job, there’s a lot higher chance that you’ll actually land an interview. Then on the right hand side in the box that says posted by you’ll see the actual person who posted the job (Clara Behnke) as well as a list of your connections that could refer you to the person in charge of hiring. Explain to me why you respect them and then tell me 5 things they must do immediately to dramatically improve their social media presence.
You are free to decide which nomenclature fits what you are looking for and then create a position description and decide on compensation accordingly.
Given my closely experience and excellent capabilities I would appreciate your consideration for this job. Even if you haven’t done Social Media in the past but are looking to transition into this line of work, include relevant achievements in past positions that relate to the job. For Example: I’m endorsed 88 times for Social Media Marketing which means that if someone were searching for a Social Media person, I’d be more likely to show up than someone who has been endorsed 10 times. Take the accomplishments that relate to your business development job, lets say how many new clients you brought on or how many leads you sourced for the company and add that to your LinkedIn profile. The folks that comment and evangelize your products, always leave amazing comments on your blog or social media pages, or some of your best customers. My work experience and duties are an ideal match for this position and cover all Job Requirements. Go on Indeed or one of the other job listing sites, type in “Social Media Manager”, get 2-3 examples of job descriptions and then tailor your LinkedIn profile to match what the companies would be looking for.
The jobs that aren’t listed yet are usually your best bet as listed jobs tend to have a high amount of people applying.
Recruiters and decision makers want to know what you’re capable of and what kind of success you have had- not just a general job description that says nothing about your drive or work ethic.

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