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There is demand for software solutions and practices that mitigate the risk of employee use of social media. This is a critical discussion for corporate and legal leadership about mitigating the risks associated with loss of intellectual property, compliance violations and HR lawsuits through employee use of public social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Risk in this area will grow as corporations become more and more engaged in the modern social business imperative.
Social media is changing the way we work and engage with customers, colleagues, and the world at large.
One of the most common issues I find with organizations is that they confuse having a social media policy with adopting rules of engagement for how their stakeholders should engage in participatory media. But flowcharts aside, rules of engagement for individuals and organizations are more than documents which lay out guidelines.
UCLA’s Social Media Guidelines are intended to provide support and guidance for UCLA departments and organizations in the management of their UCLA social media channels and activity online. All UCLA schools, divisions, departments, programs and members of the UCLA community should do their best to follow recommended standards when setting up new accounts for Facebook and Twitter, and should strive to adhere to UCLA’s brand guidelines.

We encourage you to support each other’s social efforts and collaborate whenever possible to show solidarity among all UCLA schools, divisions, departments and programs and share content when it is appropriate across your social media channels. As always please refer to our Brand Guidelines on all matters of voice, tone and appropriate use of graphics and logos. C7group and enterprise software solution provider Sociallogix are hosting an executive roundtable on Social Media Risk Management. Jackie is the author of Social Media at Work and the Director, North America, Organization & Talent Development for Oracle. When done right, social media interactions can help to build stronger, more successful business relationships. By providing social media management guidelines to your employees, you can benefit from all that social media has to offer while considerably reducing your risks. While they do overlap (some examples of social media policy go into detail about how for an example an employee should behave in social networks) they are not the same. How you conduct yourself in the online social media space not only reflects on you — it is also a direct reflection on UCLA.

The speed of being able to publish your thoughts is both a great feature and a great downfall of social media. The nature of social media often gravitates toward a more casual and relaxed tone, but it’s important to keep your communications professional, just as you would strive to do in emails or other business messages. Evenwith minimal time invested, most (85 percent) said social media increased exposure to their business.Social media has arrived, but companies still aren't sure what to do with it.
Among companies who say they are using social media in a recent Digital Brand Expressions survey, only 41% said they had a strategic plan in place to guide activities, and only 69% of those (28% of all social media-using companies) have set up metrics to measure the ROI of social media activities. Harness the Power of Social Media”, just 4% of companies worldwide said their reputation had been hurt by employee use of social networks.

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