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Facebook is still on top, Twitter continues to grow, and relative newcomers like Instagram and Pinterest are rocketing upwards in their popularity; there can be no denying the sheer power of social media in connecting people. The art of microblogging, made most famous by Twitter, represents a still-emerging method of reaching your target audience, no matter what information you’ve got to convey, and the Twitter and Microblogging Conference aims to take a deep, educational look at the role that this form of social media is playing in business, today and into the future. If social media is your thing, then the Social Media World Forum is a must-attend conference in order to keep yourself up-to-date on all of the latest techniques and opportunities!
When and Where: Check out the Brewery in London, England on March 18-19, 2013 in order to take in what the Social Media World Forum has to offer! One of the premier events in the United Kingdom where social media is concerned, Internet World 2013 is set to bring together hundreds of the region’s professionals, each of them with an eye towards developing and utilizing an improved online strategy for their business. Boasting nearly 2,000 members, the Social Media London meetup group offers a fantastic opportunity for web professionals in the London area to get together, providing a regular platform for education, networking, and plain old fun! Anna Fox writes about social media tools, and is passionate about healthy food, active lifestyle, and productivity. Thanks for the info, I naively thought it was only in America that there was social media events of this magnitude. Another English Facebook page has been running for over a year and this is an outward facing Facebook group (English at London Metropolitan University).
Their Art of Trench campaign remains a benchmark of how to sell luxury-branded products through social media without eroding the image of exclusivity and high quality associated with the brand.
Despite not being associated with the world of fashion, a company that was discussed at some length and championed as being a prime example of traditional media adapting to the online world with great aplomb was VICE magazine. In terms of social media and digital marketing (rather than eCommerce), it should not be thought of as detracting from real-life shops at all.

However, in recent times, particularly in trend-setting cities such as London, NYC and Berlin, men are developing a taste for looking good and ‘keeping it real.’ This increase in sartorial interest and spending has been gradually creeping up and has, of course, been noticed by the larger brands, many of whom, in recent years, have thrown their marketing efforts full-force at these ill-prepared but well-dressed male shoppers.
The panel agreed conclusively that digital marketing (and social media in particular) was a blessing when it came to men’s clothes shopping. If we are talking about men specifically, their social media penetration is less than that of their (perhaps I should say ‘our’) female counterparts. One of the problems with social media marketing is that its worth is very difficult to assess. The issue is, although you can tell through Analytics where people come from when they visit your site, social media is very much a pre-purchasing medium. It was universally agreed by the panellists, along with the industry’s contemporary marketing big dogs, that social media is an essential marketing tool at the moment. I thoroughly recommend Social Media Week as a whole to anyone vaguely interested in the digital, media, advertising or marketing industries, as the variety of topics addressed, as well as the range of names and faces in attendance, will not be found in one place for a while.
This two-day event will cover real, implementable ideas that will help you to develop a better social media strategy for your business or website, helping you to build a more memorable brand and reach new audiences.
Regardless of your attendance record, though, you’ll find every minute spent with these social media gurus to be well worth your while! This is to give out information to people interested in learning English about the courses running throughout the year, application deadlines, pictures and news about events in London.
Social media and the online environment are the perfect place for the male temperament and way of thinking. The principal reason for inviting students to this group was to have another method of communicating with students about the social programme events that were happening in the university and those also organised by the department for them during summer months.

It was the opening party to London Social Media week, a hugely successful 5-day bash of conferences and socialising that saw the hashtag #SMWLDN fired off 28,527 times into the Twittersphere. This is an advantage as, when targeting male shoppers, a narrower social focus is required. In feedback from students who have been very or extremely satisfied with their course, one of the most frequent comments made is that meeting and making friends with people from all over the world is the best thing about their experience of studying English at London Metropolitan University. Our Social Times are teaming up with Tempero to bring you an event on the opening day of Social Media Week London.
Communicating about social programme events and ensuring that students went out in mixed nationality groups together became very important, because it had a clear impact on their language progression and confidence and ultimately their satisfaction with the course and experience on their programme.
This Facebook page is also linked to our Twitter page and its dual aim is to raise awareness of and knowledge about the variety and frequency of English language courses on offer all year round at London Metropolitan University. Whatever the statistics, it is clear that even with this basic use of social media, it is a good method for sending out positive messages about our department about the variety of courses on offer year-round. Register for free now.You can see the schedule here and register for events, and there is now also a handy Social Media Week app so you can easily see what is happening in your city. Post tags:customer service ldn smw smwldn social media weekLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Read more on Vice media and broadcast…Views and viewabilityI’m told that the view from Corcovado, the mountain atop which the giant Christ looms over Rio de Janeiro, is breath-taking.

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