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Today's job searchers have a full arsenal of socially savvy tools at their disposal, from professional networking sites to social sites that allow you to reach out to former colleagues and old friends. When using social media to promote yourself professionally, it's important to strike the right tone. By exploring ways to leverage social media, you can catapult yourself above other candidates for your job search success.
Job hunting can be a chore sometimes – but social media can make it easier, and this infographic (by Reed) shows you how to do exactly that.
I have been writing some help-guides for using social media and job search for Illinois workNet.
Many of the other platforms have very relevant considerations for boosting your job search.
Search – use the search function of the platform to find information about companies to which you are applying.

If you need to know more of the specifics of the hand-outs I wrote, I encourage you to join the Illinois Virtual Job Club Network. Career Savvy have outlined the top social media tips for jobseekers in their infographic below. Spring clean your social media – delete incriminating photos and grumpy status updates. Sarah David is the Founder of Social Savvy Sarah…A Personal Branding and Career Development Consultancy providing strategies to Build Your Brand to be Socially Savvy! Be sure that you are making a positive impact for your brand on your social media platforms. Casual, friendly questioning via social media is a great way to learn more about your ideal job and it may even lead to an offer down the road. Consider creating short excerpts of your professional portfolio to include on your social media profiles.

Either way, it's important to remember that even in the field of social media, respectful language and professional grammar never go out of style. Both Twitter and Facebook allow for the careful cultivation of a professional online persona that can give you an advantage in the current job market. Follow what leaders are reading and thinking about in your industry, and it may just lead to some insight as you search for the perfect position to fit your skills and interests.

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