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Job hunting can be a chore sometimes – but social media can make it easier, and this infographic (by Reed) shows you how to do exactly that.
You may not believe but rapidly your social media profiles are replacing traditional resumes, and they act like your digital resume.
On social media while you don’t have classic resume to show every employer your profile acts as a professional identity, keep it professional and active, participate in conversations that are more professional join same groups and like same pages. Make strong connections with highly professional people on every social media platform, go in groups and on pages and get connected with people relevant to your profession and then ask them to leave you testimonial or endorsements, it would leave a very good impression on employer. Keep posting on professional groups, chit chat with those people, comments on their posts, use humour too and be active so that they would remember you with your services always, and it would enhance your chance to get a very good job.
Remember the more professionally connected you are, the more you are increasing chance to get your desired job. Today, even the half of the social media users is unaware of how can social media be used as an effective platform to create employment opportunities.
Connect with other professionals working in the same sector and industry, with the help of these social media platforms. It is advisable to keep your anxiety in check and not to be upfront when it comes to seeking a job.

Most people even today rely on the popular job portals as the only place to search for good employment opportunities. Draft your path and make a sketch in your mind as how you are going to use these social networking sites to get an inch closer to your dream job.
The latest infographic to hit the internet compiled by CareerEnlightenment attempts to break down the latest data on companies using social media for recruiting. This entry was posted in Social Media and tagged Facebook, Infographics, LinkedIn, recruitment, social media. Yes, by using social media you increase your chance to get your desired job or even better position rather than traditionally applying on job hunting websites where you wait for results, sometimes you hear from them and sometimes you keep on waiting. The major social networking players such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ gives the employer the view to your profile assisting them to know and analyze you beyond the boundaries of your cover letter, CV or interview. Students and professionals use it to create their social presence however; these sites can be very well utilized for job hunting, connecting to the right network of people, seeking career advice and researching about their own career paths. Using social media, networking and blogging you can exhibit your knowledge and skills to develop your personal brand. Based on the 5 stars reviews on Amazon, this book may become the bible to job hunters looking to engage employers in this new and exciting social media world.

They also offer the job hunters the opportunity to know the company better through their social media presence.
This gives you the cognition as a social media enthusiast and gives credibility to your opinion which helps the employer to get into the process of your thinking. Secondly it raises some interesting questions about whether or not and how to use social media in the selection process which recruiters are increasingly exploring. It gives a wider view of the company as the candidates get to know the work culture, people working there- the current and the ex-employees, get instant job alerts from the respective organization. This implies that the rest are missing out on the chance to use social media in the right manner from the perspective of job search. This is one of the many reasons why the majority of the population seeking employment is active on social networking sites regularly while the employers rely on this site for seeking information of the candidate’s during the recruitment process.

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