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All the image sizes and options you need for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more in one handy sheet. Setting up the social media channels for your company, brand, collective or simply for yourself can be a stressful and time-consuming activity. Thankfully, this social media cheat sheet from The Pink Group have accumulated everything you need to know about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on and put it into one handy document that you can refer back to again and again.
Summing up which social media channel is good for what, the sheet allows you to make your profiles the prettiest they can be. Alternion gathers all the feeds including updates, links and media uploads from your social network profiles.
Feedient keeps your social media life easy by giving you a simple overview of your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram feeds within one single webpage. Without the need of clicking the update button, the free social tool automatically shows you the new posts as they arrive. Cloze is another social media aggregation and curation tool available in both web browser and mobile app. The social app also bring together all your relationships into a people-centered view where you can easily keep track of their contacts, posts, tweets, emails, etc.
Scruddle consolidates all your social networks’ news and streams as well as emails into a single inbox.

Scruddle also comes with a map feature showing what’s around you and social check-ins from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
Mybucketz is another aggregating service that brings all the feeds from multiple social networks and RSS into one central place. Jyst’s minimalist design and intuitive user-interface allows you to view feeds from multiple social networks without unnecessary distraction. Pixable enables you to have an instant view of photos and videos shared across from all your social networks including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Recents, with its clean interface, aggregates the most recent updates from all your social networks into a single feed. This week a new blogging platform has launched and as well as allowing you to create posts and update your mum on the inane things going on in your life, it also lets you collect together all of your online activity into one place.
Overblog is a platform that aims to bring together everything you do online, so you can stream all of your check-ins, status updates, Instagram snaps and other properties to one place. Everyday, with so many posts, tweets, photos and videos being uploaded to social networks, it’s certainly not an easy task to log on every of your social account for updates.
Below we’ve compiled a list of extremely useful social media feed aggregators where you can view all your social feeds in one place. It makes Google Plus a multiple social networks platform by integrating Facebook and Twitter posts with Google Plus’ feeds.

Apart from viewing posts, the service also allows you to group friends or followings across your social networks into individual ‘buckets’ such as friends, family, colleagues, etc. It gives you a unified feed of updates from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for better social experience.
From what we can tell it would probably make quite a decent blogging platform, it’s got plenty of themes that are all fully customisable, access to analytics, multiple users, free and hosted accounts, the list goes on.
It means that you can check out all your status updates from Facebook, tweets on Twitter, posts from Google+ and even photos from Instagram simultaneously, within one browser window. Without having to logon to different social websites, you can easily do your daily social activities including update status, like, comment, retweet, etc. With this multi-social media in one app, you can update your status across all your social profiles at once.
Other features you may find useful include social address book, social resume, filters, privacy control as well as profile customization.

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