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There are numerous histories of social media which sometimes get bogged down by attempting to start back in the earliest forms of communication among humans.
The first recognizable social media site, Six Degrees, created in 1997 was a harbinger to FaceBook. Today, there is a tremendous variety of social networking sites, and many of them can be linked to allow cross-posting. You may be saying, but we have a Society Facebook page, a LinkedIn group, you have Twitter posts during meetings, and even have some videos on YouTube. What these numbers show is that social media is primed to support the major imperative held by most professional societies: increased awareness of the organization’s mission. If your organization hasn’t put together a coordinated social media plan now is the time to do so.

In her article “Social Media ROI: How to Define a Strategic Plan” Angie Schottmuller put forth the Social Media Strategy Funnel displayed here. There are dozens of articles out there on how to develop an effective social media strategy. The organizations most successful in their social media activities make sure metrics are captured and monitor overall trends (you can start by using Google Alerts to get comfortable with data measurement in the world of social media) and have an editorial guide outlining staff assignments, media networks, and tools and platforms.
As I noted earlier, you need to spend quality time on social media in order to reap quality engagement. Like most good business plans, the funnel approach counsels us to start at the top with mission and goals versus diving into tactics without a firm direction.
The latter is often given by young professionals as a reason they no longer need to join a society.

For the purposes of this first in a series of three articles I’ve decided to begin with a more recent time frame: the birth of the Internet.
Other sites like Tumblr, Spotify, Foursquare, and Pinterest began popping up to fill specific social networking niches. In fact, however, social networking can’t come close to the quality networking afforded by society membership.

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