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Socialbakers surveyed over 500 marketing professionals, spanning 82 countries and 20 industries to better understand where social media is heading in 2014.
To test our new tool and see how much value it could generate, we redistributed our ad spend after analyzing our campaigns with Ads in Socialbakers Analytics. With the slated death of sponsored stories on April 9th and the implied launch of more native advertising, it will be fun to watch how brands adapt to new types of Facebook ads. The major trend this year has seen social media platforms attempting to monetise and focus on building reliable long-term business models, as the location of new revenue streams has led to growth in social networks large and small. Like many other social platforms, video-sharing networks like YouTube have shown an increasing interest in monetising content. Anyone regularly logged into the social network can tell you that social advertising is alive and well. Our data masters dived into the numbers from Q3 to find out the big picture on what’s driving social media marketing trends right now on Instagram - and how the most engaging industries like fashion are succeeding on the platform.
With Socialbakers Premium Reports, you get exclusive access to deep breakdowns of top content in your region, 2 weeks earlier than anyone else.

The State of Social Marketing, Part One, concerned the priorities and practices of marketers.
To celebrate one of the most anticipated IPO launches in social media and business, we share some thoughts and insights on why advertisers should make full use of the platform. As Twitter expands their advertising platform and targeting capabilities, more and more brands will find a solid business case for advertising there. Unsurprisingly, Facebook still holds a huge share of social networking market, with 83% of total time spent on such sites accounted for by the platform. 1 in 8 web ads are now socially-enabled, meaning they direct consumers to social media destinations, e.g. As the number of videos watched online rises, so does the percentage of these that include advertising, up to 23% in 2012 from 14% in 2011. 2012 has seen a great deal of growth across social and mobile, as well as digital advertising; all this is set to continue. We used Socialbakers Analytics to find out how these brands managed to dominate the US Alcohol market in different ways this summer.

Part Two defines the state of social media advertising, from how Fortune 500 companies operate with no social advertising budget to why Twitter struggles to attract advertisers. It not only makes strategic sense, but the numbers show Twitter to be an even bigger social player in the near future. We believe in people, not platforms and the power of social insight to drive business value. Monetisation and ROI will be expected more and more, social strategies that reflect the desire for simplicity, scale and success metrics will be well-placed to succeed in this environment. The most socially-enabled advertising area lies in consumer goods, with almost 1 in 5 of all adverts displaying such characteristics.

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