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The Langley Center for New Media is located in Langley, Washington, on Whidbey Island, just one hour north of Seattle. Thanks to a generous grant from the City of Langley, we’re able to offer a series of classes geared toward helping small businesses better understand why and how to use social media, email and other business development and marketing tools.
The courses are geared toward Langley small businesses in particular, and South Whidbey small businesses in general. Social media for business today is all about knowing what “watering hole” your target audiences gather around, and then making sure you’re there with the right content that engages, or the right content to close the deal.
Social media has grown over the years to not only accommodate friends talking with friends, but to accommodate businesses as well.
Having a strong presence through social media can really help spread the word about your business and to help build trust with consumers. Social media is a strategy that is both cost effective and a simple way of positively building the reputation of your business. It’s important to monitor your progress on social media in order to discover how your strategies are working out.
With the use of social media, your business can see directly what people are talking about.
If you think social media marketing is not worth doing, your competitors on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and Linked In will thank you for all the new business you let them get because you’re not there.
Today’s small business (SMB) owners recognize the need for an online presence: over 90% have a website. For a small business on a tight advertising budget, there is no better way to reach thousands of prospects at no cost. There's no question that successful businesses have learned how to master the art of social media.
SCM Tip: Sign your business up for a Google My Business account so that your Google+ links to Google local searches.

Learn what’s driving this, and how to use photo and picture sharing social media channels to promote your business. More and more businesses are getting on board with social media agency in London in order to promote themselves and get the conversation started among consumers.
Social media gives the consumers a platform in which to voice their opinion and really interact with others in order to get the conversation started. However, it’s important to know how to utilize social media in such a way that helps your brand.
It really gives businesses the opportunity to begin listening to what others are saying about their company. But with thousands of businesses online, the companies getting the most exposure are those that have websites AND social media sites.
Locate social media experts who can cost effectively launch and maintain your SMM outreach.
Find out how we can save you time by creating your social media presence and helping you maximize your online exposure. Contact us at seenBest Web Design – and yes, we have a social media marketing presence, too! For smaller businesses it's impossible to manage a presence on all of the platforms, so choices must be made.
In order to find success on social media for business, your accounts need to be active with consistent posts at the very least once per week. With being the largest social network to date, brands who aren't using this as a tool to reach their customers are seriously missing out on a huge opportunity. Retailers, manufacturers, and businesses in the travel industry have seen particular success on Pinterest. Having such a consumer-based business can really help to build trust and reliability with your brand.

Satisfied customers who take to social media to discuss a company’s brand can quickly help to build a network of other satisfied customers.
Give your company a voice in the the online conversation by having a social media presence professionally created and branded. Invest time by visiting, commenting and interacting on other social media accounts to increase your visibility. Our cutting edge internet marketing strategies and talented social media team are already energizing other SMBs, so let’s talk about how they can work for your business today.
Even though the posts are shorter, to make an impact on this social media network you need to put in a little more time.
It is a great tool for restaurants, hotels, travel-related businesses, and consumer product companies. Then leverage the power of social media to begin forging a relationship with past, current, and future clients. For a small business looking to remain competitive in a rapidly changing age of digital marketing, it is important to be familiar with and utilize all of these tools as part of your overall marketing plan.
The more ways consumers have to find your company, the faster your social media reputation will grow.
If you answered yes, Pinterest is an obvious contender for your business' social media line-up. Digital marketing agencies can assist in using social media in a way that promotes business in a positive and beneficial way. Additionally, adding the power of SEO to your social properties will allow each social media account to achieve higher visibility in search.

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