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Speed is the essence of social media, yet most freelance writers don’t capitalize on the opportunities that speed offers.
Studies have shown that mobile users and internet viewers in general are more likely to respond to videos than to other forms of media.
Yes Correct through social media profile we can able to improve our freelance business and also improve the knowledge thanks for remaining. Yes Correct through social media profile we can able to improve our freelance business and also improve the knowledge thanks .
KISS Freelance owned and operated by Kristy Sayer, a Freelance Writer in Sydney Australia who works with clients across the globe. At KISS Freelance, we want to let you focus on doing what you do best; running your business.
To ordinary people who go to work every day, from 9 to 18 (at least), freelancing looks like heaven. Sadly, however, too many freelancers are not taking full advantage the social media tools that they have available to them.
In this post, I’ll help freelancers optimize their social media participation by identifying the five elements that all freelancers should have in their social media profiles.

If you’re using social media for purely personal reasons, then you can totally ignore this post and do what you like. As a freelancer, your social media user profile is an important part of your online presence and it shouldn’t be ignored.
Despite the fact that it seems like common sense to use the elements in a social media profile, an amazing number of profiles (some of them belonging to freelancers) are incomplete. FreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers. Use a social media management software like TweetDeck to handle all of your accounts in a streamlined way.
Having an optimized profile should address many of the complaints that freelancers have about social media.
Although every social media platform has its own unique characteristics all social media platforms have one thing in common–they all have a user profile. I’ll also identify some characteristics of spam social media accounts so that you can see the difference.
Whatever you do, don’t set up a social media profile and leave the default image in place.

Be sure to include contact information in your social media profile and keep that information up to date.
Your social media profile is most valuable and most effective when you are actively participating. It’s ideal to manually post to each of the main social media sites so you can customize your message. That’s what transforms you into a confidant, not just another freelancer yelling over the crowd. Using the default image for your social media profile shows that you’re uncomfortable online or even worse, a spammer.
A social media profile that sits dormant for months is unlikely to yield any professional contacts. But realistically, few of us have the time so auto-posting can save you time and make sure your message is being disseminated through all of your active social media channels.

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