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First things first, you need to remember you are writing for a human audience and not search engine robots! It may sound obvious but it is important to remember that you are writing your blog content for human beings. One of the best ways to encourage users to engage with your blog posts is to ask them a question at the end of the post. You cannot expect users to share your content unless you provide them with an easy way to do so.
Once you have hooked your audience in with your great content, it is essential that you keep them coming back for more and the best way to do this is by posting content consistently. Apart from promoting your business directly you can also check out similar business pages and like and comment on them.
Most of the social networking sites are free to use and put you within immediate contact with potential clients without you needing to pay a penny. Do not respond Trolls: People who comment on the forums and spam facebook pages are nothing but trolls. Do not react immediately: If you have no wish to respond to a critical time, then you must wait and take your time.
Learn to turn away: When you face unwelcoming feedback on social media you should know when to talk away. If you are running a business, maybe you want to know if the social networks are really useful for your work and what you can do with them. Under all the noise about new social media trends, magic rules on how to use them, etc, there is the real and simple truth: social media is an effective way to promote and expand your business (from the small companies to the big ones). You have to see the social media as a set of internet tools to maintain and build new relationships with your customers, and to raise brand awareness through the analysis of the social consumer behaviors. Here are some interesting stats, that can convince you on the importance of the social media for you business. As seen in the infographic, Facebook users spend an average of 6.35 hours each month on the social network (via desktop), almost twice as much time spent monthly on Google.
According to another survey, one in three consumers discovers new brands and products thanks to the social networks.
According to Forrester’s newest B2B Social Technographics® numbers, statistically social networks are being used for business purposes. Social media is just a medium for social interaction and for sharing content across a lot of different platforms.
Through social media, the users can interact with your website and you can drive awareness of your content, and of your company, of course. So, getting involved with social media is essential for your business, but it’s pretty useless without a good designed website and engaging content to share. A well-done custom website designed to improve the social participation, first of all by strategically placed social buttons to share the content more easily, has to be the heart of your online strategy to increase the amount of traffic to your corporate site (and so helping your business to grow). About Latest Posts Sabrina MisoSocial Media & Content Writer at 604mediaSabrina is a blogger, born and raised in Rome, currently living in Vancouver. We have seen the expressions of many business owners who just don’t get what social media is (they call it the Twitter, the Facebook, the YouTube, and others like it), and the truth is that some authors or pseudo-experts can make any internet marketing subject too complex. If your interest in social media is to have the same high number of Facebook fans as your friend’s page, you can buy a few thousand fans from India or some other countries for a couple of hundred dollars and be done with it. Social media has to be done for the right reasons, and the main reason is to “socialize” with your audience, whomever “your audience” is (customers, prospects, both, etc.). Let’s back up a little and understand the impact of social media in digital marketing and why any business should care.
More people are using online searches to find more information about your product or services or to validate the information they have received directly from you, your ads, or your website BEFORE they buy (and sometimes even after they buy too).
The final lesson I guess is that as businesses we should learn from social media strategies: socialize and focus on quality over quantity – establish a relationship with your customers, not just their money. Use videos and video links to garner attention by sharing the link or the video itself on different social media sites. Make extensive use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as it will draw more traffic to your site if you’re higher up on the Google Rankings.
Facebook and Twitter and YouTube aren’t the only social media sites…look for other popular social media sites (like LinkedIn) to promote your business on. Take advantage of the busy times of the day (the times of day when the most people are on a specific social media site).
Actually consider showing your customers and your potentials some of the more personal aspect of your business’ finances; this way, people know that you are in the black.
Don’t go about listing the names of your competitors, as that can be viewed as a form of slander, seeing as that usually is followed up by something degrading or negative about the competition.
Do not impersonate a famous person or company simply for the sake of increasing your sales and your overall figure across the Internet.

Help your employees help you by giving them the opportunity to become friendly with each other and bond, whether it be by personal interaction, or even social media itself.
Always scope the online social media sites for any ‘idle conversation’ regarding your business, that way you can always be ahead of the game in case someone doesn’t like your employees or your overall business. Do not become angry with your customers because of a negative review, especially in public or online. If you have a business that is always evolving, always keep your customer base up-to-date by use of Twitter or Facebook, and post daily status updates so that everyone can be on the same page as you.
Get yourself into a bigger amount of markets by posting all over social media, and even posting offline too, such as ads in the newspaper, flyers, coupons, etc. Become so friendly with your customers that you can actually get on a first-name basis and ensure that they will always be repeat customers.
Do not promote so aggressively that people start to feel like you’re harassing them or being too forceful.
Make a major point of actually meeting with some of your customers in person to help bolster your sales.
If you know someone influential or famous in your local area, see if you can ask them to promote or endorse your business. Helping out other business owners with their problems can help show your customers that you are a kind person and have good sportsmanship. If you would like to receive more social media tips directly to your inbox, sign up to our blog today! Top Qualities of a Social Media ManagerIf you are looking for someone to manage your social media presence in you area then here are a few tips to know before you deicide to hire someone. Top Tips When Choosing an SEO CompanyWhen looking for an Ottawa SEO company or another local SEO company there are some things to look for and some things to avoid.
Here we will take a look at some of the ways you can go about creating compelling blog content that will encourage social sharing and engagement.Most of the internet users nowadays have social media profiles and maximum of them spend at least a couple of hours in social networking sites.
Infographics, images and even amusing memes are great for making your blog content visually engaging and encouraging social sharing.
You can create your business page in Facebook, LinkedIn and promote your business product, provide regular updates, give new and interesting facts about your business.
For example, say you had written a post featuring tips on how freelancers can motivate themselves at home. Creating and posting unique, engaging and relevant blog content on a regular basis will help you to increase engagement, build up a following and improve your SEO (Google Hummingbird loves constant content). Hence, you should post informative and valuable information about your business which expresses your business well and update your page frequently.
You might just need to send an email to current clients, requesting them to join, like, follow your business. You must not respond to every comment about your company and not respond the comments on the facebook page. It is natural to feel angry and defensive that your hard work is insulted but when you respond when you are angry you will only make the matters worse for your brand or business.
This is why idea180 has prepared this article, intended for small or medium business owners who want to understand social media in laymen’s terms, and to help determine just how much social media their business needs. Some small businesses have only a few clients, not thousands, who generate 100% of their revenue; the relationship with these clients is based in quality interactions. Creating social media outlets like a Facebook page, or a YouTube Channel etc., are like creating clubs or spaces for people who share a common interest.
They don’t trust your newspaper ad, or your TV spot, your banner, your website or your radio promotion.
Easy, in the old days shoppers would go to other shoppers for a referral of a product or service. They understand that social media is going to play a bigger role and they need to take into account how social a business gets. Your social media efforts will evolve too – the most important thing is to start and claim your space and set the tone for the right content to attract the right members. Focus on attracting the right type of clients, clients you know you can please and grow with, not just as many first time buyers as you can get who will then be dissatisfied with your company. A single angry outburst can lead to people boycotting your business and stopping you from getting any profit. See if more of your customers are from one area than any other, and you’ll know that’s where you should put a bit more focus on your advertising. Don’t see this as someone doing your work for you…see it as someone doing your work for you.
If you have some customers that really like your business, ask them to share a link or share the idea with all of their friends.
Instead of stuffing your blog posts with keywords and phrases, think about addressing topics that may be of interest to your audience.

At the end of the post you could ask your readers if they have any more tips they could add. If you do not have social sharing buttons and are unsure how to install them, get in touch with your web designer. Something we encourage you to do is look at your analytics to find out the best time to publish content. Post pictures, add reviews of your clients and if your have any videos on You Tube then share them on your page.
It this way you can also attract customers to check out your business and your business page.
If you even have minimum budget for your promotion then you also you can buy advertisement which will appear to those profiles which are interested in your business products. Though there is a heated debate about your brand or service it is important you know when you need to respond and when to turn away.
She is now part of the 604media team, managing the social media channels and writing compelling articles for the corporate blogs, according to the latest web marketing trends. This is not only the marketer’s fault for setting the wrong expectations, but also the businesses’ for lacking the proper knowledge. A couple of hundred dollars used in Facebook ads can give your business a few thousand impressions from the right pair of eyes.
The interest can be your products or services, or maybe just information that relates to your products or services, or even people who share a common lifestyle or even set of beliefs (like “people who hate apple products”).
Social media is also happening fast and it’s probably going to evolve like the internet did. If you did like what you read, your next step would be going to Google and ran a search for the agency’s name; you will find some nice reviews on the better business bureau, nothing on the rip-off report site, and you may even find some positive mentions on other sites. The truth is, your business needs to become social soon; at least having properly set up social media outlets is extremely important. Personally address each and every one of your customers, as much as possible, to show the customer base that you are legitimate and willing to actually take the time to socialize about your business with your customers. It’s a huge benefit when customers help each other out, as that builds a sort of community within your customer base, and it builds your personal reputation. Thus, for business owners it is a great platform to share content, interact with customers, and to promote business.
For instance, if your business is related to the computerised accounting courses then you should target relevant audience, promote your business according to your business product and the relevant people you feel would be interested in type of product. Providing answers to relevant search queries within your blog posts is a great way to meet the needs of your audience, whilst also boosting your search rankings. Look at your town and nearby other placesin order to findoutlets, bloggers, and city officials. When you lose it, it will only facilitate aggression and make you an even easier target, as they do not care about the social media.
When you choose to walk away you will see for yourself how the negative conservation dies off. You can choose if you want your promotional ad to be seen by males or females, specific age ranges, run it in specific towns, cater to people with specific interests, and based your campaign on any other demographic data Facebook collects.
Because people are overloaded with information and human beings have started to filter out ads (perceived as noisy interruptions), and we have started consuming media in own terms. You need to secure a good name or user name for your company or brand and make sure some of your best “subscribers” (who are your best promoters) have been invited. In this case it would be good to target small and medium sized businesses, schools and colleges and also financial institutions to begin with.
Say you had posted a new promotional video for your company on your blog; at the end of the post you could ask what users think of the video.
You can also decide if you want to create fans for your page or drive traffic to a landing page on your site.
Providing the information you have included is of interest to your readers, it is likely that they will share the infographic on their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and even image sharing websites like Pinterest.
This will encourage them to reply with their comments, interact with you on social media and share your blog content. If you compare creating “fake fans” made in Pakistan to “targeting the right people”, the choice is obvious – social media is quality over quantity. The right people are more likely to buy than some “fake fan” that could care less about you or your products.
If you go to a social media outlet like the agency’s Facebook page and see a familiar faces from someone in your area, who perhaps is somehow connected to you through a third person connection you can safely approach them and ask him or her what was their experience with that agency.

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